Observable’s Collaborative Data Canvas Now Integrated in Microsoft Teams

Integration Enables Microsoft Customers to Make Better Business Decisions Using Data

Observable, a data collaboration company, today announced that Microsoft Teams customers can now seamlessly access Observable Data Canvases from within their Teams environment. In addition to existing Microsoft Sharepoint and Microsoft 365 integrations, customers can quickly connect a tab in a Teams channel and immediately start using Observable for more effective and efficient data exploration, analysis, and visualization.

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“At Microsoft, we’re fully committed to shaping the future of collaboration and hybrid work. The integration of Observable and Microsoft products will help us continue to deliver on this commitment”

The future of working with data is collaboration.

Data-driven decision making is part of every organization and an organization’s success is often tied to the quality and velocity of decision-making. The current data exploration and visualization ecosystem forces users to hop between tools and creates barriers between people who play critical roles in data-driven decision-making. Organizations can’t rely on separate data science or analyst teams to quickly and independently be the single source of data analysis and insights. Everyone in a team, irrespective of role or expertise, needs to be able to speak the same language to make sense of their data.

Observable offers an entirely new way for people to collaboratively work with data. Observable’s Collaborative Data Canvases are built for and powered by a deeply engaged community. Cross-functional teams of data scientists, data analysts, business and financial analysts, developers, business executives and Microsoft Excel users with diverse skills can now work together, in real time, to accelerate data-driven insights and increase the effectiveness of business decision-making.

Benefits of Using Observable Data Canvas

Teams customers can now access Observable directly to explore, visualize and gain insights across departments. Cross-functional teams find greater ownership and increase shared responsibility to act based on insights from their organization’s data. Decision makers have greater transparency and context for their charts and graphs, increasing trust in the data insights and accelerating the decision-making.

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Observable is a live, interactive data-first platform. It is the place for cross-functional teams to collaborate with data. The Observable Data Canvas brings data, context, and logic together in one place so that data practitioners can accelerate data-driven insights and decision-making. To get started in Observable, data practitioners can use a library of pre-designed templates and low-code snippets, or they can simply start from one of the hundreds of thousands of examples created by the Observable community. Teams customers bring their own data (from connected databases and connected Cloud files such as Microsoft 365, or Sharepoint), create interactive dashboards, and see real-time feedback from changes to code or data. Customers can use what makes them productive including D3, Observable Plot, Mapbox, Vega-Lite, Leaflet, React, and more.

“The future of data work is collaboration. Observable is committed to empowering millions of people who rely on Microsoft Teams and data in Excel spreadsheets to gain more data-driven insights every single day,” said Melody Meckfessel, chief executive officer and co-founder. “By partnering with Observable, any Teams customer or Excel user can explore their data and gain insights faster, together. Customers collaborate to uncover data insights together, increasing both the quality and speed of decision-making.”

“At Microsoft, we’re fully committed to shaping the future of collaboration and hybrid work. The integration of Observable and Microsoft products will help us continue to deliver on this commitment,” said Ben Summers, Director of Teams Product Marketing at Microsoft. “Observable has created a product that helps teams work with data in a collaborative, integrated and visually compelling way.”

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