Wyng Makes Better Personalization Easier With New Tools to Build Simple, Progressive Zero-Party Data Collection Experiences

Summer Launch features multiple new microexperiences, developer tools, and preference centers that make it easy to create more relevant and rewarding personalization

Wyng, the leading zero-party data platform, announced the availability of several new capabilities that make it easier to collect, manage, and use zero-party data.

Brands today are struggling to engage audiences as the evolving privacy landscape gives people more control of their personal data. Wyng is providing brands with comprehensive tools to earn the most relevant and accurate data that can then be instantly used for personalization: zero-party data.

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To collect zero-party data, brands must progressively earn customer data through simple, valuable interactions that put the customer in control. This Summer Launch from Wyng includes several new capabilities to make zero-party data collection simpler while also enabling personalization that is more flexible and powerful.

  • Next Best Questions: Learn what your customers want, progressively, one click at a time. Increase conversion and instantly deliver relevant content by asking simple questions that visitors can answer in a single click. Sequence questions across pages and sessions with Wyng’s unique ability to unify visitor activity to create extremely personalized journeys that customers enjoy and trust.
  • Contextual Preferences: Transform context into customer preferences with a click. These simple and powerful new experiences can build customer profiles full of zero-party data. Wyng provides simple SDKs to add interactive data collection anywhere; including category pages, search results, emails, and more.
  • Preference Centers: A central location where customers manage and update the data they’ve shared. Preference centers build trust through the privacy-first principles of transparency, choice, and control. Customers have one place to go to control their interactions with a brand, and brands can be more confident in the accuracy of the data.
  • Flexible SDK and APIs: New tools give developers and small teams the flexibility to customize experiences and integrations for any situation. The Summer Launch includes new SDK methods for conditional fields and components, sample data models, sample code, progressive forms, user authentication, and more. Brands can more easily create experiences personalized based on what the brand knows about each customer.

“With this release, we have so many new tools for brands to make the leap from privacy-last marketing based on third-party data to privacy-first marketing that is more relevant, rewarding and trustworthy,” said Wendell Lansford, Co-Founder & CEO of Wyng. “Wyng is unique because our approach allows us to maximize consumer privacy and create better personalization through progressive zero-party data collection.”

Early results at e-commerce company, LEVO Oil Infusions show double the website engagement and 29% higher conversion rate for visitors. Wyng supports over 200 global brands with progressive, zero-party data solutions, and many large brands in retail, consumer goods, financial services, and more are seeing similar results with these new solutions from Wyng.

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