Datavault™ Will Mint Up To $9.6 Billion In Carbon Credit Tokens For G.E.C. Communities, Inc.

Trailblazing partnership simplifies and enhances monetization process of carbon credits using proprietary branded cryptocurrencies through Information Data Exchange™

Data Vault Holdings, Inc., the emerging leader in metaverse data visualization, valuation, and monetization, announces today the success of its partnership with G.E.C. Communities Inc., a sustainability organization specializing in carbon credit management. Data Vault Holdings will mint $300 million USD of tokens backed by a pool of carbon credits for G.E.C. Communities Inc. Data Vault Holdings’ proprietary crypto technology platform has enabled G.E.C. to increase sales volumes, efficiency, and security around its carbon credit offerings. The G.E.C. partnership has leveraged the patented Datavault™ platform to generate up to $18 million USD annually in gross revenue for Data Vault Holdings, affirming the transformative value of data monetization for businesses.

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“Carbon credits tokenized through our patented systems creates NFT delivery systems and a G.E.C. Communities-branded crypto coin that will pave the way for greater use of the credits. Through purchase of these nature-preserving credits, organizations can become effectively carbon neutral or negative,” says Nathaniel Bradley, co-founder and CEO of Data Vault Holdings, Inc.

He also adds, “Our Datavault™ technology platform was built to make an unabashed contribution to our world, and nothing could be more fitting and exciting than for us to be working with G.E.C. Communities. This environmental and socially beneficial effort stands to make a real impact in improving how corporations address the “E” & “S” in ESG initiatives in an achievable manner.”

Tokenomics, or the token economy, is the driving force behind Datavault™’s revolutionary crypto-technology. Through tokenization, carbon credits are transformed from data objects into a proprietary cryptocurrency to be traded in the metaverse. The carbon credits assume a given value in a simplified, safe, and accessible format that can be bought, sold, and traded in the metaverse via blockchain, powered by Datavault™’s global Information Data Exchange™. Furthermore, enabled by Datavault™ ‘s visualization, valuation, and monetization technology, G.E.C. Communities will generate up to $9.6 billion should each credit in the collateral pool be purchased over the estimated 16-year life of the asset.

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Datavault™ provides G.E.C. Communities with the crypto tools that make carbon credits consumable through the metaverse. These tools enhance the monetization process by:

  • Introducing tokenomics that improves scalability, asset quality, and security
  • Unlocking pricing and consumer adoption programs through platform capabilities, from small individuals to large mega corporations
  • Providing infrastructure for organization and scalability
  • Creating an efficient transaction process and blockchain-backed transparency
  • Providing a patented solution for G.E.C. that creates a competitive advantage in the carbon credit marketplace

Datavault™ secures the asset pool using blockchain technology, and through its partnership with renowned data security experts, WhiteHat Security, a division of EPAM. Additionally, to further secure a purchase and protect from theft or fraud, Datavault™ creates an NFT representation of a completed transaction, recorded and permanently stored on the blockchain network.

“We are honored to partner with such an innovative company in the crypto technology space that is focused on helping businesses take control of and make money from their data. Datavault™ will give us the discovery platform that will assist us to realize the long-term recurring value of our carbon credits. Datavault™ is providing us the tools to bring this offering into a new marketplace that will give us the broadest audience possible; whether individuals are seeking to make their home carbon neutral or large corporations that want to offset their carbon footprint. Proceeds from monetizing carbon credits in this manner will bring autonomy to the lives of the indigenous population in the protected areas we are involved with while providing them vastly improved living conditions. Datavault™ allows us to fully leverage our potential for lasting and impactful change,” says Charles Cacici, Chief Operating Officer of G.E.C. Communities, Inc.

Datavault™ empowers businesses and organizations with the visualization, valuation, and monetization tools that optimize revenues, security, accessibility, and impact. It is with this backdrop that helps organizations like G.E.C. Communities change the world, one data asset at a time.

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