Qubole Partners with Tableau, Enabling Organizations to Run Business Intelligence on Data Lakes with Increased Choice and Flexibility

Joint solution supercharges data teams’ ability to query big data on any data lake, using any storage file format

Qubole, a leader in multi-cloud data processing for advanced analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence, announced a partnership with Tableau Software, the leading analytics platform, enabling data teams to run business intelligence (BI) on data lakes with increased choice and simplicity.

Traditionally, BI tools could not efficiently support big data sources such as data lakes, as they were optimized for querying structured data sources like data marts and data warehouses. The process was at best cumbersome, slow and costly due to manual and administrative work. Together, Tableau and Qubole bring the power of BI to any data lake, in any file format, with the industry’s best cloud infrastructure cost controls.

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“Today’s businesses rely on data as a strategic differentiator to transform their business, but they can’t get real-time insights from their data if it takes too long to obtain insights from all their data, which usually resides in data lakes,” said Ashish Thusoo, CEO and cofounder, Qubole. “Our goal is to give data teams improved access to data no matter where it lives. Extending our Tableau partnership provides immediate, frictionless querying for big data sources, so our customers can focus on innovating and moving faster than ever without compromising security or increasing complexity.”

“We’re excited to build a partnership with Qubole and extend the power of Tableau to help our customers get the most out of their analytics platform,” said Brian Matsubara, Senior Director of Global Technology Alliances at Tableau. “Choice and flexibility are core tenets of our business and our platform. Qubole’s new connector will allow our customers to more easily access, analyze and uncover valuable insights from data in any data lake or storage format.”

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Combining Tableau’s reliability and scalability with Qubole’s performance and auto-scaling for analytics and machine learning, enables faster, simpler petabyte-level querying of big data. Qubole’s Connector offers benefits including:

  • Increased openness and flexibility: Tableau customers have choice and flexibility, as Qubole’s Connector allows querying of unstructured or semi-structured data on any data lake regardless of the storage file format – CSV, JSON, AVRO or Parquet.
  • Performance boost for any type of query: Leveraging the power of optimized Presto on Qubole – a high-performance, distributed SQL query engine – Tableau users can query multiple big data sources in industry-leading response times, without changing their normal workflow.
  • Abstraction from administrative complexity: Qubole manages cloud infrastructure automatically based on workloads, eliminating the need for manual administration or rebalancing of compute clusters with changing BI needs.
  • Financial governance: With Qubole’s native workload-aware autoscaling and intelligent cluster management capabilities, Tableau customers avoid data processing cost overruns with guaranteed compute resources for their queries at all times.

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