Fastbase Inc Announces Plans to Reduce Authorized Shares

Fastbase Inc, one of the leading web analytics and data providers in the world, announced that the Company is preparing the paperwork in order to reduce the current Authorized Share count from 1 billion to 200,000,000. This is a significant reduction that puts the Company’s share structure more in line with Company goals.

Fastbase Inc understands the value of reducing authorized share counts to increase shareholder value and to make the company more attractive for long term viability.

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Mr. Refer, CEO, went on to say, “Market trust is not easily built, but can be easily broken, we have plans for long term growth, and to bring shareholder value. We believe this is just one of many steps in our endeavor moving forward, and we continue to work diligently in the background, even at times when it seems we may go quiet, we are working together to forge a better future for our shareholders.”

This Authorized Share Reduction is a big move towards showcasing the company’s commitment to increased shareholder value and transparency. Fastbase is excited to bring the Authorized Share structure down to a level that the company feels is more attractive to investors. As continued development of WebLeads 9.0 proceeds, our tool integrable with Google Analytics, the company will continue to update shareholders via news and filings.

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