Infragistics’ Reveal Named in 2021 Gartner® Market Guide for Embedded Analytics

The Business Intelligence SDK That Powers Easy-to-Use Data Dashboards for Consumer and Business Software Applications Stands Out in Short List of Self-Service Analytics Products

logoReveal, the business intelligence SDK that enables software companies to transform data into embedded dashboards and visualizations within their applications, has been named as one of 31 Representative Vendors in 2021 Gartner® Market Guide for Embedded Analytics. Reveal is joined by business intelligence products from companies including Alibaba Cloud, Google, IBM, Microsoft and others.

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Reveal, which is in use by enterprise-scale users including Japan Railway, Sensato, Atanasoft, and Casebook Connect, enables companies to transform complex data sources into accessible charts, tables and graphs displayed on the user interface of everyday software applications. As a result, non-technical end users of financial, government agencies, banks, manufacturing, retail and other platforms can easily understand data and numbers in context.

These users can additionally take a self-service approach to creating dashboards that display only the data they want to see based on their specific criteria, such as date ranges, sales numbers, year-over-year performance, timetables, and any other characteristics of the data set available through the software they’re using.

For many companies, the ability to empower end users with easy-to-view data–rather than using outdated reporting methods such as displaying spreadsheets or having them manually request data–is what stands between them and ongoing user adoption and retention. By embedding business intelligence into their software applications, companies quickly add value to their apps and gain a competitive advantage over other options on the market.

While some software companies consider using in-house developer resources to build their own embedded analytics solutions, this process can take anywhere from 12 – 18 months (rather than 30 – 90 days) and result in a solution that doesn’t account for well-established user needs. With a long path to market, building this capability additionally results in opportunity costs, as developers are distracted from work on their companies’ core offering, and are then required to continually update it to keep it competitive.

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“Being able to show end users analytics and business intelligence in easy-to-digest charts and graphs is now a basic barrier to entry for software applications across industries. Both business and consumer users have grown accustomed to seeing data presented in a way that gives context and meaning to the numbers,” said Jason Beres, SVP of Developer Tools at Infragistics, makers of Reveal. “It’s critical that software companies introduce modern and self-service dashboards into their applications, in order to maintain sales and users.”

2021 Gartner Market Guide provides, “Gartner’s initial coverage of the market and focuses on the market definition, rationale for the market and market dynamics.” Further Gartner adds, “The vendors listed in its research were selected as a sample based on having embedded analytics offerings and pricing for embedded usage. Client interest, previous Gartner research and market presence also factored into the selection of the named vendors.”

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