Lumenytics Emerges to Deliver Data Analytics Capabilities to Non-Data Scientists

Team of Data Analytics Professionals Develop Platform Capable of Empowering a Wide Range of Roles to Derive Meaningful Business Intelligence from Big Data

Lumenytics, a precision diagnostics company, emerged from stealth mode today by announcing its Lumenytics Platform, an offering that leverages advancements in AI to identify trends and patterns across large data sets, making it possible for  a wide range of business users to derive intelligence and make informed decisions. The company is composed of a world class team of industry professionals and data scientists from some of the world’s top universities and is focused on enabling a wide range of users and roles across all industries to make informed business decisions from complex data sets.

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Until now, effective analysis of data was limited to a small set of data analysts equipped with decades of training and experience. As such, the ability to extract meaningful business insights from complex data sets was limited to this small segment of data scientists. In creating Lumenytics, the team sought to bring effective data analysis to the masses; making it possible for a variety of roles – across all industries – to derive valuable business insights from data.

“Today’s enterprise has access to larger sets of data than we have had at any other time in our history,” said Rajesh Jugulum, co-founder and Chairman, Lumenytics. “The problem to date however, is that until now, only a small set of highly-trained individuals had the ability to make sense of this wealth of information.  In founding Lumenytics, we sought to level the playing field by developing a platform that allows a wide range of business and medical professionals to make sense of this data in a meaningful manner; providing the ability to deliver positive business outcomes and even save lives.”

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The development of the Lumenytics Platform was conducted by a team of  data science PhDs and practicing data scientists who saw an opportunity to provide business professionals with a way to easily mine large data sets to uncover patterns, trends and insights that can be used in a variety of industries such as Healthcare and Finance. The Lumenytics Platform leverages many of the latest advancements in AI and is available after several years of development and testing across a variety of use cases.

Lumenytics founder, Rajesh also launched and authored “Common Data Sense for Professionals,” March 15, which provides a step-by-step guide to the data science process so that anyone can feel confident in leading a data science project. The book is structured as a case study on a fictional restaurant to illustrate how the various topics can be applied in a real life setting in order to help traditional business people to solve data related problems.

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