Enterprises Discover New Technologies to Grow Businesses, Gain New Customers and Retain the Existing Ones

Top Picks from Martech Series. Last Week Our Staff Writers Covered the Scope of Various Technologies so That Enterprises Can Strengthen Their E-Commerce Channels and Satisfy Customers

Original MarTech Insights from the Week Gone By

Why Companies Should Consider Investing in Enterprise Information Management (EIM) Software

EIM Software Platforms Have Advanced Progressively to Capture All the Key Points Which Enterprises Face While Developing Their Information Management Strategies. We find out more!

Five Steps to Make Video Production Easier!

The year 2018 has bought about a revolution in the video production process for marketers. It’s no secret really; the video is here to stay and make its imprint in the world of business. From augmented reality to interactive video, the technology video landscape is getting bigger than ever! This development comes as a delightful opportunity to target qualified leads and convert more users into prospects with the help of video marketing.

Ten Content Marketing Ideas to Grow Your E-Commerce Brand

Mastering the Art of Content Strategy Is Naturally Going to Play an Integral Role for Marketers in 2018. MarTech Series Discusses Ten Content Marketing Ideas to Grow Your E-Commerce Brand

Which is the Best AdTech Stack for a Performance Marketer?

Performance Marketers Often Struggle to Decide on the Most Suitable Ad Format for Their Online Marketing Strategies. Key Information on Search, Social & Discovery Advertisements, and the Best Possible Ways via Which They Can Be Applied

How can Event Data Help Enterprises Build Customers?

Globally, business models are shifting towards delivering a positive customer experience across all touchpoints. A satisfied customer is a critical differentiator in the success story of any business. How does Event Data lead to building satisfied customers?

All You Need to Know About People-Based Marketing

People-Based Marketing Can Help Brands by Targeting the Customer and His Needs, Instead Of Relying on Devices, Thereby Delivering a Cohesive Customer Experience

It’s a wrap from our end this Week! We will be back with more news!


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