Ooyala and ODMedia Collaborate Streamlining Video Processing and Global Delivery

This alliance ensures channelizing global content distribution through a single source

Ooyala and ODMedia

ODMedia and Ooyala strategically partner to be the one-stop solution for video content distribution that is tailored for every demographic location. ODMedia’s video localization and delivery attributes will integrate with Ooyals’s video monetization capabilities.

Content owners will benefit the most through this partnership as they can now distribute their content globally generating more revenues. The combined force of ODMedia’s market position and Ooyala’s Flex Media Platform helps in broadcasting video content to a gazillion channels, anytime and anywhere in the world. ODMedia is already a preferred delivery platform with globally popular content streaming platforms like Netflix, Google Play iTunes, and YouTube.

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Additionally, content producers can now localize their content through the partnership providing local experiences on new and existing platforms.

Jonathan Huberman, CEO, Ooyala says “increasingly, content owners and distributors are targeting global audiences, but there are significant costs involved in ensuring the right format requirements are met. Through this new partnership, we’re able to provide a best-of-breed solution for delivering content to today’s top platforms, everywhere in the world. This means getting content to market faster, and at a lower cost – unlocking opportunities for content owners in every region.”

ODMedia also wants content producers and owners to leverage on Ooyala’s Flex media Platform to handle workflow management. Flex Media Platform is the world’s fastest-growing media platform and workflow automation tool. ODMedia believes that it can better handle internal media workflows and automate processes, in turn, multiplying the company’s global growth.

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Sjef Pijnenburg, ODMedia Group said  “delivering video to a global audience is often easier said than done. It can add a lot of manual processes, time and costs to a project. Partnering with Ooyala – and leveraging their expertise – has significantly added to our capabilities, allowing us to better serve the demands of media companies seeking to grow and improve their operations.”

ODMedia is a Netherlands based company that specializes in Video on Demand for users. Ooyala, on the other hand, simplifies video production complexities. Ooyala is headquarterd in ‘The Silicon Valley.’

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