TrackMaven and Skyword Merge to Deliver the Best-In-Class Content Marketing Platform

The Merger Implies TrackMaven’s Superior Content Analysis Engine to Be Integrated into Skyword’s Content Marketing Platform

Content has become the crux of marketing for brands. Gone are the days when businesses were channelizing content marketing as a standalone entity. Today, content is the biggest contributing factor for consumer-brand engagement. Therefore, businesses entrust marketers to create outstanding content at every stage of a consumer’s buying journey and reinforce buying decisions. However, creating exclusive content and making it work across multiple channels is never a walk in the park for content creators and marketers alike.

Skyword, a Boston-based leading content marketing platform, helps brands resolve the complex problem of creating unique experiences for consumers through content. Although, Skyword has one limitation — it can only compare the content performance within the enterprise. So, Skyword can tell you how your content is performing now as against how it was six months back. What it isn’t equipped with is the capability to compare your content statistics with your competitors. This is exactly where Skyword can leverage TrackMaven’s statistical abilities and provide a holistic, cross-channel content performance view. TrackMaven specializes in delivering exceptionally accurate marketing insights.

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Tom Gerace, CEO and Founder of Skyword, said, “We’re incredibly excited to join forces with the TrackMaven team. In January this year, Skyword raised $30 million to execute on our growth strategy and product vision. In June, we announced the next generation of our content marketing platform, Skyword360, which powers a unified model for creating extraordinary content experiences. TrackMaven shares this vision. Combining our organizations accelerates our growth and product strategies and gives customers a solution that no other company can match.”

This is also good news for brands that are looking to collaborate with a robust content management platform to handle their end-to-end content needs. Chief marketing officers go through an astonishing amount of dilemma when investing in platforms of such a nature because of the key issue of ROI.

TrackMaven delivers unified analytics across 19 digital channels of competitors and content spectrums. Looking at this, analysis brands can leverage Skyword’s platform and understand what content needs to be created to cater better to their customers’ needs. They can expand their marketing initiatives to understand channels, platforms and marketing types that would truly drive results and deliver positive customer experiences.

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“The TrackMaven team couldn’t be more thrilled to join the Skyword team and continue serving our clients in an even more powerful capacity. TrackMaven has always been able to show a CMO where he or she is leading the competition or losing ground. Now with Skyword, we can incorporate those insights into the actual content creation workflows, giving marketers the power to create content strategies that win,” said Allen Gannett, Founder and CEO of TrackMaven.

The merger of TrackMaven and Skyword assures a globally leading content marketing platform. Combined, both the companies already have 400+ clients in their pool. GE Health, HortonWorks, HP, IBM, and Kawasaki are some of their key clients.

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