What Veritone Intends to Achieve with UGC Library from Collab?

The maker of aiWare Veritone has signed a creative agreement with Collab to expand its content licensing services to include User-Generated Content (UGC) Library. As part of the deal, Collab would supply impactful UGC stock inventory to meet the dynamic needs of various marketing and advertising teams in the digital industry. The two companies would provide creatives as benchmarks of digital media continue to evolve around licensing and creative projects.

Collab, an independent digital entertainment studio has been a leading source of creatives for content creators across YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and other platforms.

Launched in 2012, the creative studio has generated millions of UGC for text, images and video collaboration teams. On the other hand, Veritone is a leading AI tech firm that provides a cutting-edge DAM solution and Intelligent Automation platform to drive digital transformation across industries, including media and entertainment, sports, digital and podcasting, TV and radio, government and studios.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a majority of digital art and content creation teams are using online solutions to meet the various media requirements including assets for marketing and sales, TV and podcasting, radio and video advertising. According to Stackla, the year 2019 was the “year of User-generated content.” As UGC inventory explodes during the “Zero Year”, we expect to see customers interacting more energetically with authentic content that feels human, real and less-digitally altered.

With UGC adoption, brands can capture attention more vigorously, and drive customer loyalty in areas of lagging productivity and constricted marketing budget.

With Collab, Veritone would bring thousands of unique media assets from UGC library directly to users for creative projects focused on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube user-groups, and meet retention demands head-on.

5 reasons to Use UGC for Marketing, Sales and Advertising
  1. UGC delivers Human-centered marketing results, making every interaction personal and to-the-point.
  2. Licensed UGC can be used on the website, products page, and even as testimonial pages to drive better engagement with the first time users.
  3. Emails that use UGC assets are found to have higher engagement rates than those without it.
  4. UGC-based digital campaigns tend to have higher CPC and CPA in the services industry because of their better context and visual relevance.
  5. Together with new technologies like AI and Intelligent Automation, UGC can quickly generate thousands of case scenarios that could potentially drive engagement around well-tailored campaigns targeting specific audience groups and populations.

All these reasons aptly justify Veritone’s interest in partnering with Collab.

Here is a recent interview with Veritone’s VP of Podcast Media, Hilary Ross.

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