Trust Lab Chosen by the European Commission to Track and Measure Extremist and Violent Content Across European Union Member States

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Long-Term Project Will Assess and Curb Amplification of Terrorism and Extreme Violence on Social Media across the EU

Trust Lab, the company dedicated to creating a safer internet using ML-powered Trust & Safety, announced it has signed a deal to work with the European Commission to assess the amplification of terrorism and extreme violence on social media. The project, which will run for 40 weeks, will track and measure proliferation of harmful content across eight European markets across the leading social media networks in the EU. The project will also involve the Fincons Group as project coordination, and Prof. Theodoros Evgeniou as an expert in online to real-world harm.

The groundbreaking project has been developed by the EU Directorate Migration and Home Affairs and is led by Policy Officer Anna Zizola. “Harmful online content is on the rise, and protecting EU citizens online is one of the critical safety tasks of our time,” said Anna Zizola, Policy Officer for the European Commission. “It is vital that we continue to evolve regulatory initiatives and adopt the right technologies to protect our citizens.”

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Trust Lab’s category-defining technology uses ML-based classifiers and rules engines to identify high-risk and harmful content, accounts, and transactions at scale. In addition to pinpointing many types of online harms, including toxicity and misinformation, Trust Lab’s technology can be used to identify harmful content and actors via “digital fingerprints” across platforms using network graphs.

“In light of the war in Ukraine, elections, and the ongoing health crises, our focus for this moment in time is on misinformation,” said Tom Siegel, Co-Founder and CEO of Trust Lab. “Our technology platform, on the other hand, accommodates a wide variety of Trust & Safety use cases for content and identity. We are now working with many of the world’s social media companies, as well as public entities in the US and EU. Being able to apply our knowledge and technology to help solve the problem of amplification of extreme violence and terrorism in the EU is incredibly crucial work — we are proud to have the opportunity to spearhead it.”

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