iSIGN Media Announces the Successful Conclusion of Exclusive Rights to Technology Solutions

iSIGN Media Solutions Inc., a leading provider of interactive mobile proximity marketing and public security alert solutions, is pleased to announce that it has successfully concluded negotiations with SIMBL Business Enablement Inc. (“SIMBL”) for the exclusive rights and timed ownership of the previously announced contact tracing and In-Home Health technologies, previously announced June 6, 2021.

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The technologies that are now ready for use include:

1) Passive Historical Contact Tracing (“PHACT”), conceived as a contact tracing platform, the overall platform enables a facility manager to monitor the movement, concentration, and general activities of individuals within a space, while maintaining compliance with all public privacy policies. PHACT provides real-time and historical information regarding individual movement, dwell, and crowd behavior.
2) In-Home Health, an advanced hardware agnostic, AI powered personal health and wellness platform, designed to work with existing and bespoke health sensors to create a virtual twin of an individual, aggregating health information, providing reminders and beneficial suggestions, and making recommendations for improved health and well-being.

Both solutions are interactive with each other and are able to be scaled with the addition of personal and public Health Monitoring Gateways with iSIGN mobile verification passports.

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The current partnership association will be formally concluded with long term agreements to engage SIMBL and its tech teams to continue to provide a high standard and quality of new solutions development and existing product updates.

The companies are currently working on finalizing agreements and presenting the technology solutions to resellers and clients. Current feedback from resellers and clients are positive and highly enthusiastic, reinforcing our expectations of attaining revenue within the next six months.

iSIGN management, its directors and creditors have all reached a new peak of confidence and mutual support of acquiring the very unique and exclusive technology and solutions long awaited and welcomed by our current and new customers.

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