To Continue Powering the Digital Transformation of the $2.57T Fashion Industry, CALA Introduces CALA’S Mobile App and Expands Digital Product Suite to include 3D Design Capabilities

Today, CALA, the world’s first operating system for fashion, added CALA’s mobile app to the App Store for the iPhone. This is the industry’s first mobile application that allows users to collaborate with their global supply chain on the product creation process from start to finish on a mobile device.

Since 2016, CALA has been providing fashion brands and retailers with a single all-in-one platform that powers every step of the fashion design and supply chain process, while allowing for cross-team collaboration: ideation, designing, fabric selection, manufacturing, fulfillment, e-commerce enablement, and branding/marketing, can all be managed from inside the digital CALA platform. CALA’s partner network consists of a global supply chain including over 60 factories in 13 countries, with 16 fulfillment centers in four regions. This redundant supply chain network allows for customers to be connected to the manufacturer that best suits their product and quantity needs for seamless production. CALA handles the complex back-end logistics of bringing a collection to market so their customers can focus on what they do best, ideate.

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Today, CALA, the world’s first operating system for fashion, added CALA’s mobile app to the App Store for the iPhone.

“As a skateboarder and a designer, I’m always on the go and constantly finding inspiration in everything around me, from the Atlanta architecture of the places I skate to the color of a Dodge Hellcat car or even the uniforms people rock on their way to work, and thanks to CALA’s new mobile app, my inspiration doesn’t have to be fleeting,” said Tyreek Morrison, founder of Public Transportation. “The moment I’m feeling creative, I can seamlessly translate photos of the colors, textures, and patterns I come across into features of my designs. Then, I can communicate with my CALA support team inside one single platform so they can help me bring a collection that is true to my streetwear meets luxury aesthetic to life. I can even handle the production process through the app with CALA’s network of manufacturers and was able to launch my first official large-scale collection, Public Transportation. CALA’s mobile app has been a gamechanger for me, and I think it’ll become the way that fashion is designed in the future.”

CALA’s mobile app provides the following features:

  • View and create designs, collections, & teams
  • Design tool with contextual comments
  • In-app communication via comments with photo and/or file attachments
  • Robust notification center, including push notifications

CALA is committed to powering the long-needed digital transformation of the fashion industry. In addition to the launch of CALA’s mobile app, CALA is also excited to announce the addition of 3D prototyping capabilities to its design process. This feature will enable CALA users to request three-dimensional images of their designs, providing a photorealistic view of the fit and materials. This digitized prototype can serve as a cost-and-time-effective alternative to ordering samples or simply an additional tool for finalizing designs.

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“Having worked with hundreds of designers and fashion brands over the last few years, we started to notice a common theme,” said Andrew Wyatt, CEO, and co-founder of CALA. “While concepting largely happens via digital sketches on desktop, everything after that happens on mobile. We’ve designed CALA’s mobile app to be the ultimate tool for today’s fashion brands, making development and production easier, faster, and more cost-effective. We’re confident it will change the industry much like how the product innovations of Figma & Shopify revolutionized their respective industries.”

The launch of CALA’s mobile app and 3D capabilities follows the introduction of several new tools that will help simplify and democratize the fashion design process:

  • Teams, a dedicated workspace that makes it easy for brands to collaborate inside of CALA instead of across siloed outside messaging solutions.
  • 30 New Templates based on top fashion & streetwear silhouettes.
  • New production capabilities such as custom metal hardware, eyewear, leather handbags, structured hats, lingerie, recycled PET, and home goods.
  • A 25 percent increase to the number of premier sustainability manufacturing facilities in CALA’s network.
  • The launch of1MOQ, a free newsletter and content hub for readers to find everything they’ve wanted to know about launching, running, and scaling a fashion brand.

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