Oneflix, The Social + Streaming Service App, Is Launching This Month

The social streaming app will combine all the major streaming services and allows users to share and recommend content to their friends.

Oneflix, a new social + streaming app, is launching on Christmas day. The app will combine social media with streaming services to allow users to bring all their streaming services in one place, share and recommend streaming content to their friends.

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The new app will combine Netflix, Amazon, HBO Max, Disney Plus, Hulu, and many other streaming into one platform and allow users to search and discover content from all those streaming services in one place.

But what makes Oneflix truly innovate is its social element. Users will be able to use the app to recommend movies and shows to their friends, discover what their friends are streaming, and chat about their favorite content, all in one place.

“We’ve reached a peak in the streaming space and consumers are simply overwhelmed with the number of streaming services they have to deal with, or their ability to easily discover something to watch across many streaming apps,” said Michael Goldberg, Chief Technology Officer. “The vast majority of the time, people just resort to recommendations from their friends or people they know, so when we decided to build Oneflix, we made sure that a social-based recommendation element was an integral part of the platform.”

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“Streaming combined with social media is the next stage in the evolution of digital entertainment, and we see Oneflix as a primary actor in starting that evolution,” added Habib Kamara, Oneflix’s founder.

The app will also allow users to discover trending content in their country, city, or town. By using location-based technology, Oneflix will display a Netflix-like top 10 ranking of the most popular content that people are streaming in the user’s city or country.

Oneflix will launch on December 25 on both iOS and Android, with plans for Roku and Amazon TV apps soon to follow.

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