How Direct-To-Consumer Brands Can Build a Superior Customer Experience

When creating a seamless direct-to-consumer brand, building a MarTech stack that continually adds value to our customers’ experience while remaining non-intrusive is the ultimate challenge. At SipTequila, we are focused on high-end, handcrafted bottles of tequila that are harder to find at your local liquor store, delivered right to the customer’s door. Unlike other alcohol delivery companies, our main focus is curating boutique tequilas and adding a personalized touch to our e-commerce model. To achieve that, we have built our stack with a “customer first” focus. Instead of asking how technology will help us, we always ask how technology will help improve our customer’s experience. Currently, we use a host of tools that enable hyper-targeted curation, community trust and continuous improvement in the e-commerce flow.

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Custom Curation

We listen to the needs of our customers and react quickly by providing updated services and products to meet those needs. For example, by using on-site search history via our core platform, Shopify, and the feedback we receive via AskNicely, we can react quickly to customer demand for specific products and quickly make them available for purchase. Recently, we added the Adictivo Tequila line to our SKUs because so many people were searching our site for it, and it quickly became one of our highest selling set of SKUs.

Reaching Fans

With Influencer Marketing and Social Media, we better understand taste trends, curate collections and socialize them to a broad audience. Using an Influencer Marketing platform like Traackr and Social Media Management tool such as Later, we found trusted, highly engaging agave fans, like the Tequila Wanderer, who help curate collections and socialize them with their audiences. This gives us the ability to reach a highly targeted audience, who has a higher propensity to become SipTequila customers while building trust along the way.

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Iterating Experience

With Shopify as our e-commerce core, we implemented a host of solutions to gain valuable feedback and customer behavior insights to continually improve our offering and online experience. For personalized customer communications, NPS monitoring and feedback, we use both Drip and AskNicely, while HotJar allows us to understand visitor behavior. By using these solutions, we can understand where our customers may be having a negative experience, and we can react quickly to alleviate any issues. This can be something as easy as eliminating an irritating pop-up, to something even more complex like delivering an updated check-out flow.

With so many MarTech choices on the market and solutions that you can use, building out your stack shouldn’t just make things easier for you as a marketer, but should, more importantly, enhance the experience for your customers.

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