Five Reasons You Should Consider Video Marketing for Your Brand

87% of consumers say they’d like to see more video from brands in 2019, according to video creation company Wyzowl’s annual State of Video Marketing survey.

With so many channels available for digital marketing campaigns, it can be difficult to navigate — Even for the pros. Regardless of whether you choose to advertise through social media, direct email marketing, sponsored editorial content, or any of the other available options, awareness of emerging trends and how consumers are interacting with content should always guide the decision. Right now, all signs point to video being the vehicle of choice for groups like Millennials and Gen Z’ers who will soon hold the majority of purchasing power. If you haven’t already thought about incorporating video into your marketing, there are six good reasons why you should.

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Video Viewership Is on the Rise with No Sign of Slowing Down

87% of consumers say they’d like to see more video from brands in 2019, according to video creation company Wyzowl’s annual State of Video Marketing survey. With the consumer demand for video growing, brands should adapt and ensure that they’re adjusting their marketing efforts to match.

98% of All Advertisers Will Increase or Maintain Their Video Marketing Spend in ‘19

With almost all advertisers dedicating marketing dollars to video, the platform is increasingly becoming the most in-demand way to tell your brand story and share messaging with a wide audience. There are a number of platform options for video consumption, including many new players that are driving video industry innovation with new technologies, such as interactive elements and simple user engagement. 

Video Helps to Tell a Better Story, No Matter What Your Product Is!

It’s no secret that consumer attention is best held by video: the storytelling ability is heightened with video vs. written content and still images for conveying key messaging, emotion, and fostering an emotional connection to a subject that will increase positive brand affinity. When you focus on video as the center of your marketing strategy, the consumer path to brand loyalty is made more simple and clear.  

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Emerging Tech Will Enhance the User Experience Further

Enhancing user experience is a goal of every marketer, no matter the industry. Consumers are increasingly looking for easier, more seamless processes relating to their online habits, and encountering non intuitive interfaces or brands that aren’t quick to embrace simplicity will only drive potential users away. Embracing immersive technology solutions within video that creates a truly seamless user experience, all the way from discovery to purchase, will set your brand apart in any saturated marketplace.

This is achieved on the marketers’ side by incorporating video elements that heighten the level of interactivity and ease of user engagement, so consumers feel that the brand cares about the time they’re investing in watching this content, and offering simple solutions to help them get information quickly and efficiently. 

Video > Images

More consumers reacting more positively to video over image and text-based marketing:

Over two-thirds (68%) of consumers surveyed said that when it comes to learning about new products and services, a short video would be the best avenue. This percentage is drastically larger than those who said they’d prefer text-based articles (15%) or ebooks/manuals (4%), according to the Wyzowl video marketing report.

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