How to Improve the Efficiency of Advertising?

With the development of mobile network technology and mobile electronic equipment, the competition of the whole mobile application market is becoming increasingly intense. To stand out in the rapidly progressing mobile application market, advertising distribution is a must for businesses to improve their exposure. 

However, it is not a matter that can wait for the result calmly by making a casual advertisement. If we fail to find the Marketing methods suitable for our products, the high investment often brings low returns. Therefore, it is crucial to raise the efficiency of advertising.

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1. Pinpoint the Audience and Promote to the Target Population

As the CPM price of major network media platforms increases in recent years, we have seen the rising cost of user acquisition and a higher purchase threshold. It is the first step for advertising to acquire users effectively by positioning target users precisely, spending advertising fees in which it matters most, and exposing it efficiently and accurately. 

Therefore, we need to build a user model according to product characteristics before advertising and collect the basic data of target users to prepare for the subsequent action.

For instance, we should apply the user profile data to add interest conditions so as to cover more audiences while creating an advertisement on Facebook. Meanwhile, we should pay close attention to the range of the expected daily clicks to adjust setting conditions continuously.

2. Choose the Appropriate Advertising Network

Given the audience difference, it is necessary to choose corresponding distribution networks prudently. Now there are diverse advertising networks, and the appropriate ones can make the effect of advertising better with less effort. Some advertisements are suitable for social networking sites, some for video sites, and some for various sub-domain sites or networks that focus on user interests. 

Aside from global platforms, advertising distributors need to understand the influence of target countries’ local networks in advance for realizing localization. Furthermore, they can penetrate these countries by opening up the networks. Then we can use data analysis tools to provide a reference for us. By studying the advertising data of similar Apps, we can analyze the effect of each network or media to find the optimum network.

With the development of short-video Apps recently, especially the total downloads of TikTok in the App Store and Google Play worldwide have exceeded 1.8 billion times, many game advertisers have begun to release their advertisements by TikTok’s influence.

And hyper-casual games manufacturers like Voodoo and SayGames have also joined to buy media traffic on TikTok, which is an interesting phenomenon as well. Of course, an increasing number of game advertisers choose TikTok to release ads in that they value its influence and high conversion efficiency.

3. Choose the Right Creative Advertising Type

In addition to adequately investigating advertising networks, various ad creative types have been born at the right moment with the development of technology, and each of them differs in the production process, cost, and effect. 

For instance, new products emerge every day in the e-commerce industry. To put them into the market as soon as possible, images and carousel ads are the best choices. Game apps will choose videos to attract users in order to reflect gameplay methods more comprehensively, notably mid-core games and hardcore games. 

On the other hand, hyper-casual games will choose playable ads to invite the audience to play and download. We need to consider and determine the structure of advertising creative types according to App type, human resources, budget, and time in an all-round way.

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4. Focus on Advertising Content

After finishing preliminary preparations, the next step is to brainstorm the content. According to the data research of Facebook, poor advertising quality (including malicious hype, click temptation, and inferior creativity) is one of the three major obstacles to influence the experience of players. 

Therefore, advertisers must customize advertisements and even a broader sense of content as per the market they aim to explore. Moreover, they should consider the content based on target users. For example, Japanese and Korean players are more inclined to find some high-level games. At this time, the advertisements we release must contain contents that exhibit the high-quality of the games to attract them to download.

Secondly, it is essential to reserve enough creative advertising ideas to achieve the high-standard media buying effect. Thus, we must produce the ad creatives that can meet the needs of users quickly and efficiently. But we need to consider time and money. Here I suggest drawing the source of inspiration from some advertising intelligence platforms.

For instance, Facebook Ad Library can allow us to conveniently retrieve the latest ad creatives released by advertisers through its homepage. But advertisers are generally entitled to choose whether to make their creative contents public, so not all of them are available to us. If you need to find more comprehensive distribution data, you can refer to SocialPeta, BigSpy, and other SPY tools. Meanwhile, APP Annie and Sensor Tower will also exhibit some ad creatives, but such platforms prefer data analysis, so they are the frequently used tools for our daily advertising.

In summary, to improve the efficiency of advertising, we need to pinpoint the target audience, select the appropriate advertising type and network, as well as pay attention to the content of advertising. At the same time, it is suggested to provide the necessary data reference with the aid of some advertising spy tools.

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