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How to Make Top-Ranking Evergreen Content from a Tool Review Post

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pointvisible logo Evergreen Content is the best possible way to increase organic traffic to your website. Yet, is every type of Evergreen Content going to bring you the same results? The answer is quite simple – no, it won’t.

Comparing the most popular software in the form of an in-depth review has always been a good choice for boosting traffic to your website. People are able to see many ads on the main page of their social media account. That’s why they are not sure which software will really satisfy their needs and they look for answers over the Internet.

How To Make Top-ranking Evergreen Content from a Tool Review PostSource

However, it is not enough to just write this sort of article. There are a few rules that you need to follow in order to make valuable and engaging content.

Tips for Making Top-ranking Evergreen Content

Content writers spend 50+ hours to make engaging Evergreen Content. But, hard work won’t pay off if you do things in the wrong way. We have written many articles of this type and we want to share some useful tips that will help you avoid some common mistakes.

Do Keyword Research to see which tools are worth reviewing

Writing content about irrelevant software will not bring you success. Why would you spend your time writing about software that no one wants to use? You need to find the tools that are popular among a certain target audience.

Research and see which tools are searchable on Google. If there are two of them that you can compare then you got your topic!

Ensure the Quality of Content

How To Make Top-ranking Evergreen Content from a Tool Review PostSource

Your content needs to be valuable for the reader. He needs to feel like he improved his knowledge after reading your content. However, it is not just important what you want to share. It is important how you represent it to your audience. The content needs to be easy-to-read and easy-to-understand. An average reader will stop reading if some part of the content is confusing and complicated. The sentences you use should not be longer than 20 words and do not try to use complicated terms and phrases.

Besides that, your content needs to be well-structured. Divide the entire content with a few subheadings and split each section with short paragraphs. Use bullet lists when that is appropriate. Of course, keep in mind that your articles need to be free of any spelling or grammatical mistakes.

Add Screenshots and Videos

Did you know that an average user spends 88% more time on a website full of videos? People do not like to read long-form articles and contents. Most of the visitors leave the website when they see the text is without screenshots and videos. That sort of content looks boring and monotonous. If you want to stand out from the crowd, include a lot of videos or screenshots (or both).

Still, that doesn’t mean you should add any type of screenshots and videos. Add those that will raise the quality of the content to the next level. Including millions of irrelevant videos or screenshot is not going to help.

Be Objective

An average Internet user is always suspicious when he sees the content of the unknown website for the first time. This doesn’t need to surprise us because we get a lot of fake news on a daily basis. Always write about the pros and cons of the tool you want to review. Talking only about the positive side of some software will make your Evergreen Content too “salesy”.

Your Objectiveness will help the reader to pick the right tool for their needs. The reader will make the wrong decision if you stay subjective. More precisely, you won’t remain the relevant source of information for your audience and they will stop reading your content.

Share Your Thoughts

How To Make Top-ranking Evergreen Content from a Tool Review PostSource

Always include some kind of conclusion for the tools you are comparing. Here you can express your own conclusions and opinions. Of course, do that only if you are truly familiar with the features of both tools. We already said what will happen if you share the wrong pieces of information.

P.S. Once again, stay objective!

Samples of a Good Evergreen Content

We provided you with a theoretical explanation of the top-ranking Evergreen Content from a tool review. But, we would like to share some samples of good Evergreen Content – first sample, second sample. It will make your writing a lot easier.

These two samples will show you how your Evergreen Content should exactly look. It would be better to analyze them step-by-step. We will use the first article as an example.

  • Keyword research – The writers have checked which blogger outreach tools are the most popular over the Internet. They did not want to waste their time comparing tools that are not popular among bloggers. To do that, you can use tools such as Ahrefs Keywords Explorer or Google Keyword Planner
  • Quality of Content – The article is divided with many headings and subheadings. Each section contains short paragraphs and short sentences. Besides that, the bullet lists were used when that was appropriate.

How to Make Top-Ranking Evergreen Content from a Tool Review PostSource

  • Screenshots and Videos – The text is full of screenshots that are making the content more interesting and engaging.
  • Objectiveness – The purpose of this article is not to convince people to use any of these tools. They provided readers with the advantages and disadvantages of each tool from the list.
  • Sharing Thoughts – At the end of the article there is a section “Our Recommendation”. The writers of this evergreen article shared their opinion about the tools. It is true that they gave their opinion. However, they remained objective which confirms that this is a good example of engaging and valuable Evergreen Content.

How To Make Top-ranking Evergreen Content from a Tool Review PostSource

Promotion of the Content

There are many ways to promote your Evergreen Content and we would like to recommend two of them:

  • Social Media Platforms
  • Link Building

Social Media Platforms

Social media channels are a powerful tool for Advertising. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the places where you should promote your content. Our suggestion is to invest money into ad campaigns. This is a good way to reach your target audience. If they are satisfied with the content you shared, there is a big chance they will continue following your work in the future.

Link Building

Keep in mind that you need to build quality links towards that post. It will help you establish a good position on Google. You already know what that means for the improvement of organic traffic to your website.


Before we say “goodbye”, we would like to make a short summary. Developing Evergreen Content from a tool review post will increase organic traffic to your website. This type of content is searchable on the internet, however, that can’t guarantee your improvement will always be successful.

Make a high-quality and engaging content that will really teach your readers something new. Do proper keyword research and see which tools are popular among your target audience. Promote it on each social media platform you use and optimize it for Google if you want to see it on top of search results.

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