How Managed Execution Services Help Marketers Yield Better Results

clickdimensions logoWith the ever-changing digital landscape, marketing teams today are increasingly relying on technology to help them achieve their goals. In fact, a recent report by Conductor reveals that 43 percent of marketers use between six and 10 MarTech solutions at any given time to support marketing initiatives.

While Marketing Technology, specifically Marketing Automation, provides many important benefits to marketing teams, technology alone can’t solve the needs of modern marketers. Too often, the technology isn’t utilized to its fullest potential. Highly knowledgeable and skilled resources are necessary to deliver return on investment, but as the MarTech stack grows, it becomes more difficult for organizations to maintain all the necessary knowledge and skills in-house.

With managed execution services, MarTech providers offer a technology expert alongside their tool to help ensure the tech delivers results. According to Gartner, 63 percent of marketers indicate that they have purchased a support package from their Marketing Automation provider, with 100 percent of those respondents confirming the package was worth it. This speaks volumes about the advantages of utilizing a MarTech expert versus an external agency partner that may not understand the technology’s full capabilities.

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Managed execution services can help marketers overcome common challenges and realize these impactful benefits:

Increase Execution Capacity to Focus on Strategy

With so many technologies and channels available today, marketers are forced into execution mode on the actions that day-to-day marketing requires, versus experimenting with new ideas. By utilizing managed services, marketing teams can execute on their marketing strategy more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

Supplement Existing Skillsets

Managed execution services allow businesses to supplement in-house skillsets with outside expertise. This is particularly advantageous when it comes to the more technical facets of utilizing marketing automation systems. For example, the internal team can focus on crafting the perfect email messaging and design, while the managed services provider focuses on constructing the template and safeguarding deliverability best practices.

Utilize Tools to their Full Potential

For many businesses, Email Marketing is where the internal team’s usage of a Marketing Automation tool begins and ends. According to a recent survey by ClickDimensions and Ascend2, only 19 percent of B2B marketers have completed implementation of their marketing technology. Additionally, technology is frequently updated with new capabilities, challenging marketers to constantly keep pace. Managed execution services can help ensure that teams realize the greatest ROI on their tech investments now and into the future.

For business leaders seeking more control over their marketing strategy, utilizing managed marketing services ensures marketers get the most out of their technology partners, resulting in greater success. It brings power back to marketing teams, allowing them to spend less time worrying about ROI and more time driving the business forward.

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