Marketo Perfect Marketing Automation Software for Your Business

Setting up your online store is easy and it is also not difficult to add relevant images of the products. However, the difficult part of any online business is undoubtedly making Sales, which is also known as conversion. To make sales, you have to make sure that you are Marketing your products. Unlike the brick and mortar stores, people will not know that your online business exists unless you are advertising in front of the target audience. When talking about a physical store, it is important to understand that people are going to pass from near your shop and word of mouth is going to spread regarding whatever you are selling. This is not the situation in the case of an online store. According to, Marketo is ideal for companies who are interested in Mobile Marketing.

Marketo is a great tool, which will help in solving this grave problem. It is nothing but a Marketing system, which has allowed marketers to create marketing campaigns, automate the campaigns, send emails to potential clients, and a lot more. You must have knowledge about the features as well as the power of this software before you are using it for spreading the word about your online business.

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History of Marketo

This Marketing Automation software is around for more than a decade. The software was founded in the year 2006 and it started as a simple tool for marketing automation. With time, it started evolving into Marketing management as well as analytics software. It is being used by marketers from different industries, which include Financial Services, Manufacturing, Media, and Healthcare. Headquarter of Marketo is in California. It is also responsible for operating globally within France, Japan, and Australia. In the year 2018, Adobe was responsible for purchasing Marketo. Apart from this, you also need to know what is Marketo?.

Why Should You Use Marketo?

Marketo is one of the leaders of Marketing. It is responsible for offering not only Email Marketing but also several other services, which has been helping companies to remain in front of the people. It is undoubtedly one of the recognized brands, which big companies are constantly using. Marketo is also known for the launch point system, where marketers can start the Marketing campaign and go through everything that the platform offers. Currently, the platform is also responsible for offering a certification program for all marketers. When you receive the certificate from Marketo, it means that you have proper knowledge regarding marketing and you will be able to offer the services at higher prices in comparison to the freelancers. The benefits that you are going to enjoy include:

  • Certification, which is globally recognized.
  • The chance of becoming an employee.
  • Digital credential.
  • Exclusive membership in the Marketo Group of LinkedIn.

Therefore, apart from receiving benefits from this product, you can also add valuable skills and get yourself certified.

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Features of Marketo

If you are using this platform, you are going to come across different kinds of marketing tools as well as services. Given below is a list of all the things, which you will be able to do with this platform.

Marketing Automation

This tool has been helping in creating campaigns, which target particular customers. For instance, if you are interested in showing the advertising materials to females only, you can do that easily without any hustle. You can also concentrate on creating landing pages, social media advertisements, track behavior, and create forms. You will also be able to learn to use the several techniques of Marketing like Sales Intelligence, Nurturing prospect clients, Sales calls, and scoring CRM integration. This system is also responsible for having analytics, which will show how the campaigns are affecting Sales.

Email Campaign

With the help of Marketo, you can build effective email campaigns, which look professional. You will come across several templates, which are going to make things better and easier. All you have to do is add relevant text for the campaign, edit fonts, and colors, and send your email. One amazing thing about this Marketing Automation tool is that the emails can change the appearance based on the device of the recipient. This means that the campaign is not going to look like a broken series of images and links when viewed from mobile devices.

Optimized Perfectly for Mobile

In this particular feature, you have the option of showing advertisements to your customers when they are in the application. You have the freedom of marketing goods while they are busy playing games or watching YouTube if your application is installed on their devices. The advantage is that you have the option of pushing notifications to the customers according to the preferences that you have. You will also be able to keep your customers connected to your business constantly. The system of Marketo will know where the customers are. This information can be used for push notifications.

Digital Advertisements

This is one feature, where you will be able to create advertisements and launch them in several ways. You have the option of changing the advertisement setting so that they can be shown to only one particular group of people, with particular interests. You have the freedom of choice if you want the advertisements on the desktop, mobile, or other channels and social media pages. You can also launch advertisements on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and several other platforms. You can also target those customers who visit your website but do not purchase anything. It is also known to have a system, which is known as Audience Hub. This system helps in providing insights regarding the behavior of customers. With the help of this, you will be able to create personalized campaigns.


In this particular feature, you have to focus on potential clients, who have never purchased from you before. This will help in converting 98% of anonymous visitors. You can add messaging materials and content to make sure that these particular site visitors are engaged with the business. You also have the option of creating call-to-action campaigns to analyze the behavior of customers, their location, etc.


Marketo is for experienced marketers. If you are interested in one of the best marketing automation software, you should undoubtedly go for Marketo. It will take care of all your marketing requirements.

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