MarTech Interview With John McClung, Group Director at AdQuick

John McClung, Group Director at AdQuick chats about changing trends in today’s marketing and advertising mix:


Welcome to this MarTech Series chat, John, tell us more about the AdQuick platform and how it enables out-of-home (OOH) experiences for end users/advertisers?

Thank you for having me! AdQuick is the world’s leading platform for out-of-home advertising, and it’s designed to make it easy for marketers, media specialists, and agencies to plan, buy and measure any kind of OOH advertising campaign. Our goal is to give marketers everything they need to run data-led OOH advertising campaigns, which includes our datasets, proprietary tools, accurate campaign measurement and fast campaign execution.

We’d love to hear about your recent partnership with Lob and how that enhances the solution on the whole?

Lob is the leading direct mail automation platform. With this partnership, we’ve opened up a new path to cross channel retargeting between OOH and direct mail. By way of background, AdQuick uses mobile device location data to track OOH ad exposure. We share this data with Lob and together enable advertisers to ship physical direct mail pieces to those same consumers. This gives advertisers the opportunity to increase the number of touchpoints they have with consumers, which ultimately boosts response rates along the way.

What observations/thoughts do you have surrounding direct mail / direct mail targeting today: how are you seeing B2B brands make more use of this channel to drive customer journeys?

Direct mail is an advertising channel that B2B brands use because it’s easy to hyper-personalize and customize. For example, one campaign could include postcards while another one could include letters, and both can be tailored to the audience or individual. Direct mail is also a great channel for a marketer’s media mix because it can be delivered at scale and at a desired frequency, which is no easy feat. And then of course direct mail is cost efficient with proven ROI – and that’s music to a marketers’ ears.

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A few best practices that you feel marketers/advertisers using OOH and Direct Mail targeting should keep in mind to build strong omnichannel experiences?

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to leverage the data that’s available to you when planning and executing your campaigns. Data helps marketers make accurate assessments about campaigns, so you can change strategies if something isn’t working or lean into what is working. Now that OOH and direct mail campaigns are more connected than ever, end-to-end analytics and campaign attribution are available, which means more robust campaign performance measurement that can help boost omni-channel campaigns.

How are you seeing trends and demand for OOH in multichannel campaigns change in today’s B2B marketplace?

With broadcast and digital impressions seeing a sharp decline, many B2B brands need alternative advertising channels to boost their media mix and achieve the results they need. That’s why we’re seeing the demand for OOH surge. Outdoor advertising is a strong format on its own, but it also pairs great with other channels and amplifies overall marketing efforts.

Some last thoughts, takeaways, before we wrap up!

AdQuick’s partnership with Lob is one that is pushing the bounds of what OOH and direct mail are capable of. By bringing direct mail and OOH together, we are able to help modern marketers get the right messages to the right audiences at the right times and through the right channels. This partnership ultimately ensures stronger relationships with target audiences through high level engagement with data-driven advertising.

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Founded in Los Angeles in 2016, is the leading out-of-home (OOH) advertising platform that makes it easy to plan, buy, and measure every kind of outdoor advertising.

John McClung leads sales and enterprise groups at, the world’s leading out-of-home advertising platform that allows marketers to plan, buy, execute and measure out-of-home (OOH) advertising campaigns.

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