TechBytes with Natalya Pollard, Country Manager at LiveRamp ANZ

TechBytes with Natalya Pollard, Country Manager at LiveRamp ANZ

Hi Natalya, tell us about your role at LiveRamp and how you started in the industry.

Most of my time within the industry has been dealing in data, however, data was used in very different ways when I first began. I could not have imagined then the sheer quantities and applications of data that have emerged with the rise of technology. I have however always believed that data – and in particular customer data – has the power to change businesses.

If you want to be competitive in business, you need to understand data, and even more so now, identity. Previously being in a government organization, my entry into the world of technology and data began at Acxiom, a SaaS company with strengths in Data Management and Analytics. It was here that I learned the power data had to drive exceptional customer experiences and how proper data management and analytics could solve problems for businesses.

I’ve spent the last few years building LiveRamp in ANZ, an Identity Resolution provider that makes data meaningful. Starting out as the first local Sales rep, I’m leading the team as Country Manager for Australia and New Zealand, which comes with a diverse range of responsibilities. My team encompasses everything from technical to commercial, but the key to all roles is ensuring we are helping our clients leverage people-based identity to create exceptional customer experiences across the digital and physical worlds.

What are the key points of collaboration between and LiveRamp for the ANZ market?

The LiveRamp platform allows Quadrant to monetize their data in a safe and ethical way, allowing marketers a privacy safe and compliant means to provide more meaningful experiences to customers through the use of their data. Quadrant data is ingested into the LiveRamp platform, de-identified into an IdentityLink that marketers are then able to leverage to achieve better campaign targeting and audience intelligence.

The collaboration will expand the availability of Quadrant Audiences data in Asia Pacific and allow more of the world’s leading Adtech and Advertising platforms to enjoy easy access to Quadrant’s data in 2020.

What is the Product Marketing roadmap for this partnership and what role is LiveRamp playing in this?

LiveRamp is working together with Quadrant to expand the availability of audience data across APAC, with the rollout expected to include the broader APAC region in early 2020. Quadrant customers in APAC will soon benefit from LiveRamp’s recent launch of Privacy Manager, a configurable consent management platform that enables marketers and publishers to interact with consumers and manage their data in a secure and compliant manner while offering transparency, notice and choice.

Privacy Manager was developed in response to GDPR and CCPA requirements. The LiveRamp partnership is also a pathway to future-proofing Quadrant’s data connectivity across the open web, with LiveRamp’s open and neutral Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS) that allows brands, agencies, and publishers to operate in a post-cookie world.

Which set of industries and titles will benefit from the partnership between LiveRamp and Quadrant?

The partnership between Quadrant and LiveRamp offers a much more accurate way to reach specific segments as compared to relying on traditional attributes such as age, gender, education etc. Consumers will benefit by receiving more relevant and meaningful content, delivered in a privacy-conscious and compliant manner.

On the industry side, ad agencies and advertisers, specifically Chief Marketing Officers (CMO) who are planning and executing Marketing and Ad campaigns, as well as Media Planners and Media Buyers in Asia Pacific, will improve accuracy, reach and privacy for more meaningful, data-driven campaigns.

The EU has GDPR; CCPA recently came into effect in the US. What kind of data privacy and governance regulations does ANZ have?

GDPR and CCPA reinforce data regulation in the market and are key focus areas for LiveRamp – especially how we develop our technology and assess all data partners to ensure ethical compliance. We believe that data is a powerful tool, and that data privacy and transparency needs to be at the forefront for marketers.

We are supportive of the recent ACCC Digital Platforms Inquiry and upcoming changes to local Australian privacy laws, such as The Consumer Data Right and a Federal Government review of The Privacy Act, which will help to further regulate the industry.

AI is a big attraction for the data companies in the US and EU. What kind of AI applications does LiveRamp ANZ team boast of? How do your ANZ customers benefit from your AI work?

While LiveRamp does not directly play in the AI space, LiveRamp online and offline data can be used to match and enrich data for more powerful insights, by leveraging our AI partner integrations.

Natalya Pollard is the Country Manager at LiveRamp ANZ.

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LiveRamp provides the identity platform leveraged by enterprise marketers and their partners to deliver innovative products and exceptional experiences. The LiveRamp platform connects people, data, and devices across the digital and physical world, powering the people-based marketing revolution and allowing consumers to safely connect with the brands and products they love.

Headquartered in the technology hub of San Francisco, LiveRamp delivers privacy-conscious solutions that honor the best practices of leading associations, including the Digital Advertising Alliance’s (DAA’s) ICON and AppChoices programs, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), the Data & Marketing Association (DMA), and the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF).

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