Webinar World Techbytes With Sabeh Hassan, Product Marketing Manager, Cloud, Microsoft

Sabeh Hassan

Sabeh Hassan
Marketing Manager, Cloud + Enterprise, Microsoft

The Sydney chapter of the ON24 Webinar World 2018 will feature info-packed sessions from marketing leaders, top brands, and ON24’s own digital marketing experts. Sabeh Hassan, Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft is attending the event. We sat down with Sabeh to understand his expectations from ON24 Webinar World 2018, and the evolution of Marketing Clouds and Data Science in martech.

Tell us about your role and how you got here?

Over the last few years, Microsoft has gone through modern marketing transformation. We have been implementing marketing automation through an engine we internally call the Global Demand Centre.

Currently, I am responsible for Azure Direct business in Australia and Global Demand Centre for Cloud and Enterprise. The easiest way to think about my role is if you were to land on the Azure website and started your subscription online by using your credit card we call that Azure Direct.  The way we drive and nurture customers to Azure subscriptions is through the Global Demand Center.

What is the most exciting part about attending the Sydney ON24 Webinar World 2018?

Having a conference dedicated to webinar marketing is exciting as we can apply learnings directly to our GTM plans. It’s not often we connect with experts in marketing focusing on a specific channel.

What are your expectations and likely key takeaways from the ON24 Webinar World 2018? Who are you huddling with at the event?

I will be trying to engage with as many presenters in the networking sessions. I am particularly keen to learn from Mark Bornstein on how to make more personalized content. Especially, as we have a scaled webinar program and making the content more engaging is especially important.

How do you see Marketing Clouds further evolving with the maturity of AI/ML and Data Science?

We are already seeing significant role of AI/ML in driving business value. According to Gartner AI-derived business value (Customer Experience, New Revenue & Cost Reduction) is forecast to reach $3.9 trillion in 2022 and Marketing is playing a fundamental role in driving these outcomes.

At Microsoft, we have seen 60% increase in sales qualified leads that have been scored through Machine Learning and we are continuing to see improvements in AI technology like Bots.

What are your thoughts on the growing opportunities in the Australian market for Marketing and Sales Automation tech companies?

I think this is one of the most exciting areas to be operating in today as we see exponential growth in Marketing and Sales Automation solutions in the market. According to Harvard Business Review by 2020 customers will manage 85% of their relationship with companies without human interaction. For these interactions to be great customer experiences, most organizations will need to have a strong CRM and marketing/sales automation strategy.

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Linda Boff, GE CMO

Thank you Sabeh! That was fun and hope to see you back on MarTech Series soon.

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