10 Most Popular AI influencers of Europe

The AI gap in Europe is adding to the digital gap in the continent. McKinsey report says that according to its current assets and digital position in the world, Europe could add some €2.7 trillion, or 20 % to its combined economic output by 2030 if it embraces AI the way the US does it. On one side, previous-generation tools are being used rampantly. On the other side, Europe is home to many pundits in AI. MarTechSeries introduces you to the 10 most popular AI influencers from Europe who can inspire people and policymakers alike and help transform the world.

1. Spiros Margaris is the founder of Switzerland-based Margaris Ventures. The FinTech influencer, in his twitter, identifies him to be a global citizen. He consistently figures out in the list of top influencers.

2. Nathan Benaich is the founder of Air Street Capital. He is a venture partner of Berlin-based Point Nine Capital.

3. Shakir Mohamed is a Research Scientist in ML and AI at Deepmind.AI and operates from the UK.

4. Christine Boursin is the Regional Development Delegate of Groupelaposte and the Vice-President of FondationFACE 44, France.

5. Ipfconline is a super active twitter handle run by IPFC online, a France-based web design training and Information Technology consulting firm.

6. Murray Shanahan: Professor at Imperial College London and Senior Research Scientist at DeepMind.

7. Alex J Champandard is an Artificial Intelligence expert, Deep Learning and ML Researcher. He Co-Founded Creative AI and he is also the Director of NUCL.ai touted to be the largest worldwide event about Artificial Intelligence in Creative Industries interactive media, simulations and digital entertainment.

8. Andreas K Maier is a professor at Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany. He is into Pattern Recognition, Machine learning, and Medical imaging.

9. Antonio Grasso is an Italian Digital Transformation Advisor. He is a B2B Tech Influencer, Author, Speaker and start-up mentor. He is the CEO of a digital consulting firm named DBI.

10. Thomas Wolf is a Specialist in Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, and Computational Linguistics. He leads a Science team under the banner of Hugging Face which based out of the US and Paris.

Following some of these opinion leaders on Twitter and other social media platforms is the best way to keep yourselves in sync with the AI technologies that are going to affect your life and lifestyle.

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