A Few Top Conversion Optimization Tools that can Boost your Marketing

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has changed the digital landscape and has led to a different kind of digital boom across all industries. The average user’s online spending time has increased drastically and converting visitors into potential leads and loyal customers are becoming even more challenging. With the user’s attention span constantly flickering and being bombarded with other channels and content alerts, enchanting your websites’ user experience has become more important today, so that it can act as a content and lead magnet.  Conversion Rate Optimization tools can boost your sales and attract customers to your page. Slow landing page, or unwanted pop-ups, whatever the issue, Conversion Optimization Tools can do wonders for your business in real-time.

Remember that – more conversions mean more revenue. And its what every marketing and sales leader strives for. Optimizing your website is the first step to turn your visitors into leads. The Conversion Optimization Tools will act as a system for Data collection, Research, Wireframing, and Analytics to help you optimize the consumer’s experience.

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Here are a few of the top conversion optimization tools that can help: 

1.  Unbounce

With a starting price of $99 per month, Unbounce helps you build, convert, and optimize your website as per your needs. You can create the landing page that you want and optimize the image size, the pop-ups, and their frequency according to your choice. The best part about Unbounce is that it helps you gain important insights and leads about your load time, image sizing issues so that you know what works and what does not work for your site.

2. Crazy Egg

One of the best Analytics and Tracking Tools for Conversion Optimization, Crazy Egg was one of the first providers to introduce a heatmap software that could pinpoint the areas of customer dissatisfaction and site inefficiencies. It is undoubtedly a trusted provider if you are looking for a multi-functional solution for your page. From click tracking, video tracking to snapshots of visitor’s behavior, and even a streamlines editor, you can find all and that too, at an economical rate of $24/month.

3. Google Analytics

You can never really go wrong with big old’ Google, one of the best Search engines in the market, easy to use, and always handy. Google Analytics is a worthy investment if you wish to boost your CRO processes. It is extremely flexible, free of cost, and lets you know the consumer’s use, pattern, and demographics. You can also invest in its enterprise version, the Google Analytics 360 for collaboration, and enjoy the cloud storage and advanced integration.

4. Lucky Orange

With an economical base price of $10 a month, Lucky Orange offers you some of the best heat mapping software and helps you pinpoint where the visitors move at your page, bounce back to the site, and whatnot! Although you might get stalker feels, this is one of the best CRO providers to track your visitor’s behavior. Conversion funnels, live chat sessions, visitor recordings are some of its exciting features.

There are many top providers when it comes to Conversion Optimization Tools such as Adobe Analytics, mixPanel, Browserling, and A/B Tasty that you can choose from depending on your requirements.

What are the top features of these tools?

  • Data Collection and Analytics

The most important feature of these tools is their ability to collectivize data and form analytics to understand and identify the visitor’s individual and collective statistical data. Based on these analytics, the sites can track their overall progress and improve their digital platforms’ solutions. From cart abandonment to consumer behaviors, you can track everything and work on the low-performance areas to boost your sales.

  • Wireframing and Prototyping

These tools help in the structural development of the website based on user experience and needs. They outline ideas and ways to optimize the website in such a way as to give an idea, a layout of the final draft. At the same time, prototyping involves the actualization of these ideas with the help of Design teams to implement and translate these ideas into digital reality.

  • Research

When artificial intelligence leaves some loopholes to be filled in, some tools rely on direct feedback and conversions. It is one of the most direct features, and with the help of these tools, you can generate an interactive relationship with your audiences in the form of surveys, questionnaires, pop-ups, etc. These tools help in researching the active behavior and areas of improvement by directly engaging with the leads.

  • Turning visitors into leads

Based on the features, the tools help the businesses to turn the visitors into potential leads and future customers by providing real-time solutions to the site’s inefficiencies.

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Examples of Use in Industry

Some of how the Conversion Optimization Tools have helped in increasing the conversion rates are,

  • Landing Page Builders

    Nobody likes waiting, and undoubtedly, the digital user is far more impatient because of the multiple options it has. The tools help you build efficient landing pages as you optimize elements like the images and the extra load in your pages.

  • Include Desired Actions / Buttons

    By investing in these tools, you can design and include the desired action buttons on your page. From purchasing a product to filling forms, you can create anything you want.

  • Automated Live Chats

    A personalized chatting experience can leave your visitors with an enhanced and comfortable user experience. You can include methods of direct communication to ease the consumer’s journey and understand their needs.

Conversion optimization tools are a must to ace the digital needs of today’s workflows and really smoothen your strategies. Boost your digital campaigns by investing in these tools and reap the results of increased  conversion rates!

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