Dynamic Ads and AdTech

“Be Dynamic just like life. Innovate, create, explore. Never become stagnant – Akin Olokun”

Dynamic ads or dynamic creatives are becoming the name of the ad game today. They are innovative, life-like, and they make digital advertising stand out. They help you present the right message to the right person at the right time with their intuitive capabilities.

An example:

A user gets attracted to your social media profile. He interacts on your network, visits your website, and enters your sales funnel. He tries to call you, somehow gets lost and the link is broken. Maybe that was not the right moment, but you can still have the customer on board. The best way to motivate them is to finish the process, remind them of your brand again with another campaign.

To achieve this, you need extreme personalization and thankfully, we have dynamic creatives to help. Dynamic ads are banners that automatically change to adapt content and promotions for a specific user. It offers personalization at scale.

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Dynamic ads are effective because they help:

  • Decrease ad-spend and increase your campaign ROI.
  • Improve conversion rate and loyalty
  • Deliver maximum relevancy at scale.

In a nutshell, dynamic ads help you create successful advertising. Before we move ahead, look at the following statistics:

  • 59% of customers say that personalization impacts their purchase decision.
  • Several businesses do rely on other forms of blasting social media ads but, 63% of the users surveyed by Marketo reported that these ads annoy them.
  • Consumers face Ad Fatigue with untargeted ads.

The data collected from various consumers on various occasions suggest that dynamic ads are the holy grail when it comes to creating personalized ads. While we know that dynamic ads and creatives are the need of this hour, we must also know the right way to use them.

Here is a quick guide,

  1. Use Geo-targeting campaigns

The first-up on our strategies for dynamic creatives is geo-targeting. Targeting users based on location are of utmost importance (That’s why Google has Local SEO as a feature).

You can track the touch-point from a simple IP address with the help of a GPS location. The beauty of geo-targeting will take your dynamic creatives to a granular level and improve your target prospecting.

  1. Feed-based product campaigns

Here, we are going to talk about product campaigns with data feeds. Primarily focused on e-commerce, this is also important for other industries such as travel. When you create a product-focused dynamic creative campaign, you can offer your users selected products and offers. These kind of ads target consumers who have already browsed product pages or have shown intent to buy the same.

  1. Sequential storytelling

Sequential storytelling is quite simple in its execution. It is just a concept of showing ads to a specific audience, in a specific order, with the help of a defined frequency with a structured narrative. Besides, it relies on users self-selecting themselves into interacting with the brand.

We need not tell you why storytelling is important for your brand.

  1. Behavioral Prospecting

Geo-targeting and demographic targeting are important, but behavioral prospecting also has a role to play.

It is a campaign where marketers can target users with dynamic creatives who are either interested or researching their products, services, or related information. Marketers need pre-analyzed data to run such campaigns, and gathering data is no rocket science. Brands can easily identify customers to focus on with the help of 1st and 3rd party data.

  1. Dynamic creative optimization technologies

Talking about strategies to have dynamic creative ads in place, we cannot forget about dynamic creative optimization (DCO). Brands need to be doing this, and DCO is beyond ad-tech jargon. This is the next logical step for digital advertisers. DCO can act as a missing puzzle piece.

DCO is about combining display ad creation with analytics – select and optimize dynamic creatives. It is all about using data the right way. Additionally, by integrating DCO with a creative management platform, you can create hundreds of variations from a single banner template.

Some of the creative management platforms to produce dynamic ads that work for your audience are Celtra, Smartly.io, Bynder, Bidalgo, Bannerflow, and so on.

Several companies are already comfortable using dynamic creatives, some are experimenting, while some are applying dynamic creatives to their full potential. Your ambition is only the limit here. If you have limited yourself to those traditional online ads, it is time to push your boundaries a little.

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