How are you Benefiting from your Marketing Cloud?

A marketing cloud provides ease and convenience to marketers; it integrates analytics, audience management, social media management, customer profiling and targeting to track and measure data relevant to the customer behavior. By tracking the customers behaviors, preferences, and campaign performances, and allowing the automation of time-consuming tasks in analyzing metrics, marketers can focus on other important tasks. 

Impact of Using a Marketing Cloud 

Along with the wide variety of benefits of marketing clouds comes the impact on the marketing sector, in terms of digitization. The cloud has made it more convenient for customers in terms of gathering data and meeting the changing needs of the consumer. The cloud has also made it easier to store data in a secure place. Marketing cloud providers have also left a positive impact on customer engagement in many industries, advertising and growth tracking. Thanks to marketing clouds, marketers ca increase their customer engagement and improve sales.

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Benefits of a Marketing Cloud 

  • Access to customer data- Digital marketers can easily access data related to their target audience. The conventional ways of getting data through customer surveys are both times consuming as well as limiting. Cloud services, on the other hand, provide ready-made data on what customers are looking for and how to drive purchases based on a target audience. Digital marketers can also gather data on a larger scale.
  • Creating better insights for measuring marketing content- The analytics tools used by different marketing cloud providers helps digital marketers create content that is both engaging and aims at what customers are looking for, thereby enticing more customers to make quicker purchase decisions. Digital marketers can use these tools and their analytics to view the best-performing content and continue to produce similar content for their customers.
  • Data security is enhanced- Not only do marketing clouds provide the data to digital markets, but they also provide better security for all the information that is gathered. No accidental or deliberates breaches will be made on the data with the help of the data security and privacy matters offered by the top marketing cloud providers.
  • Powerful analytical tools- Marketing cloud providers make use of powerful analytical tools that help digital marketers to access and compute different kinds of data related to the customer. Digital marketers get more insights from the analytical tools to help them create customer experiences that are personalized. These tools also aid in testing new market channels, tracks leads and determines the best strategy to be used for a specific target audience.
  • Increases productivity- With the help of marketing clouds, digital marketers can perform more tasks from a single platform, thereby increasing productivity and reducing time spent on team collaboration. These tasks include advertising, email and PR marketing, connecting with influencers and maximising customer reach.

Different Marketing Cloud Providers 

  • Selligent

The main objective of Selligent is for different brands and customers to stay connected with the help of technology and expertise. This Belgian marketing cloud provider has an intelligent platform that provides services that are exceptional, effective and efficient to ensure that marketing remains personal. Some of the features that Selligent offers is the ability to provide actionable insights that allow brands and companies to deliver personalised and valuable engagement through all kinds of digital channels.

  • Hubspot

Hubspot is a marketing software provider that allows businesses to generate leads and turn the leads into customers. With the help of features like managing SEOs, blogging on different social media platforms, lead intelligence and marketing analytics, Hubspot provides all the data necessary for businesses to get improved results.

  • Adobe Marketing Cloud

With features like analytics, audience manager, campaign, experience manager, media optimiser and others, Adobe Marketing Cloud provides businesses and companies the ability to get deep customer insights, manage content and build campaigns that are personalized to the needs of the customer. 

  • Oracle Marketing Cloud

Oracle Marketing Cloud is a provider that offers features like unifying customer data, boosting engagements with target audiences and delivering high-performing programs to all kinds of digital marketers. The combination of multiple Oracle software providers under the umbrella Oracle Marketing Cloud has helped this cloud marketing provider to enable businesses and companies to influence buying behavior in customers.

  • Teradata

Teradata is a Cloud Marketing Provider that offers features like creating dynamic marketing campaigns, automating marketing processes, generating data on customer insights and others. This marketing cloud helps digital marketers and other companies to execute interactive connections and provides marketing support and guidance to increase revenue while elevating the brand.

The significant benefits offered by cloud technology are certainly going to enhance the impact of marketing services by allowing marketers to avail and leverage the latest tools and real-time insights to the maximum. It is safe to expect that several marketing cloud providers will further improve the available offerings and deliver better user experiences and capabilities. 

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