Maximizing Ad Revenue: Top Best Practices

In a B2B marketing mix, companies promote or market their products to other companies. For example, companies need raw materials to produce goods for consumers. So one business provides it to another.

B2B marketing differs from B2C in the sense that the marketing strategies in the former are not focused on end consumers. B2B marketing is always aimed at other business executives, procurement officers, and similar such roles, basically those who are in the position of taking business decisions or buying decisions for the company.

Several B2B companies have adapted to the new changes and trends in online marketing and as per a report by Accenture, more than 61% of B2B transactions are now happening online. Forrester Research has anticipated that by 2023, the B2B e-commerce market will grow at an annual compound rate of 10% a year. This digital disruption in the B2B arena is no less than a blessing but it has its own set of challenges. B2B marketing is time-bound and marketers need to be quick at things.

To win in this cut-throat era, every B2B company needs to maximize their Online Ad revenue models and practices. The return on Ad spends should be collated with more sales.

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Here are some tactics that every B2B marketer or digital advertisers should be aware of:

1. Adapting to the digital world and taking a positive step forward

Every business looks forward to maximizing its ad revenues and to fight in this break-neck competitive environment, brands must take positive steps to make the company and products appealing to the customers. Indulging in performance marketing is one way to do it.

2. An Innovative approach to marketing

Coming up with new products is a great idea, but your marketing should also be unique and innovative. Every brand is in the milieu of selling its products and services, think of how you can have a different approach. Learn from how IBM did it through its ‘each second counts’ campaign.

3. Paying closer attention

You create innovative marketing or advertising campaigns, but at the same time, paying attention to each detail can be quite helpful. It will help you make changes even at the microscopic level.

4. Continue to show the Image

Allow your product or service to continue showing its image, especially when you plan to adopt affiliate marketing. The same image repeated everywhere will help your customers relate to your brand easily.

5. Creating a strategy for the digital world

We are living in a digital world, and though you are operating in B2B, it is vital to cater to the adapting needs of the customers no matter whether you’re in B2B or B2C.

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Learning from the Best, A Few Ad Campaigns That Performed Well:

1. IBM’s every second counts

The company went for a mixed media approach. They focused on how ‘each second of work counts, and the ad presented was poignant to the entire campaign. It was unusual and unique from the cliché prototypes.

IBMs ad used more than simply images to bring an engaging experience to their campaign. As the result, they pushed their content forward and maximized their ad revenues.

2. Video by WeWork

WeWork has been doing great with its advertising and marketing lately. A recent advertising campaign by WeWork is a good example of crushing every bit of usefulness from the video investment.

The ad pushes and appeals to small businesses to drive forward their office space. The ad is a series of 30-second videos. Even if you cut the video to 15 seconds, the ad still delivers the message. Hence, the beauty of this ad campaign.

WeWork’s ad continues to show the company goals and sticks to it. Hence, it worked.

3. Shopify’s Let’s Make You a Business Campaign

We saw a cool ad from Shopify that said. ‘Your mom should be your first and not the only customer.’ The ad campaign helped every person believe that they can be an entrepreneur. Shopify effectively portrayed its importance in offering a platform for such businesses and driving their value in the market Shopify enabled small business owners to do better with fewer efforts.

With this ad, Shopify catered to modern entrepreneurs and customers who love to shop digitally.

Wrapping up

To get more returns from your ad campaigns, you can try anything from using different marketing channels to creating a visually appealing message that resonates with your audience. Furthermore, creativity knows no limits. and you can bring the best out of your B2B advertising campaign.


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