Should you have a Stronger Organic Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Benefits of Organic Social Media Marketing

There will always be a never-ending debate among marketers surrounding paid social media and organic social media plans. While many marketing leaders of some of the more renowned companies would usually opt for a hybrid social media model that allows a significant amount of (bulk!) organic social media marketing teamed with a certain amount of paid social efforts, it might not always be easy for smaller teams or those undergoing advertising and marketing budget cuts to have a large amount of paid social media campaigns, if any at all. 

Besides the fact that organic social media strategies can boost a brand’s presence (and followers) while also providing benefits like marketing cost-efficiencies and authenticity, the fact remains that any brand, big or small, can create a wholesome online image with a strong organic social media strategy even without having a paid social media plan in place. 

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Here are a few top reasons to prove that every marketing team needs to consider strengthening their organic social media strategy to achieve higher marketing and brand ROI:

Organic Social Media Compliments Overall Marketing and Advertising

When a prospect or customer looks up a brand online, they are bound to look up the brand’s website as well as their social media pages (source: HubSpot), in the B2B marketplace especially, a brand’s LinkedIn presence plays a vital role is influencing a prospective buyer’s image of the company.  For B2C companies, having a strong Facebook, Twitter or Instagram plan that is fed with relevant and timely product updates, team updates and in general, other exciting social media content (polls, value-add reads or information, etc) is essential to creating a more interested prospect and buyer base. 

In today’s digital marketing environment, there is no sure shot way or fixed channel through which marketers can push brand traction: a healthy media mix and multi-channel approach is essential to staying ahead of the competition and trying to break free from the noise. 

Organic Social Media is a Great Way for Prospects to Understand More about the Brand

Marketers today experiment with different kinds of social media posts, including team updates, congratulatory posts, funding updates, many marketers commonly use their social media to broadcast a new blog or new piece of gated content. All of these updates (and there is no dearth to the kind of social media updates marketers can ensure their brand posts on social media if marketing also has a strong content development strategy in place) can help prospects understand the core values and processes of a brand, in fact, a regular social media feed can even influence buying decisions – prospects will be likely to buy into a brand that is active on social media today as opposed to one that is not. An active social media presence that is driven by organic efforts can also act as a platform for customers and prospects to directly interact with the brand should they have a question about a product or service, for instance. 

A Good Organic Social Media Strategy can Help Boost your Search Results

No marketer can ignore the importance of strong online rankings and search engine optimization. A strong and active social media feed and presence can actually influence a brand’s search results, helping the brand to regularly feature on top of certain relevant search terms. Most of the world’s successful brands use their social media feeds to post regular updates about themselves while also including relevant value-add industry content to the feed. When creating a social media account on the platform that is most relevant (on the basis of the industry a brand belongs to), there is usually no budget that needs to go into starting a social profile. Maintaining a social media profile organically with well-planned content strategies can in fact overcome most of the disadvantages of a paid social media campaign while helping a brand achieve the same results, over time. 

Why Boost your Organic Social Media Strategy Now?

The Covid-19 confinements have forced potential prospects to be more active on social media, but a brand’s ad spends and advertising dollars cannot keep up. Many brands have chosen to in fact pause ad spends during this time, given the various impacts of the pandemic and the downturn in most places. A strong organic social media plan has to be the foundation of any digital marketing strategy today, it can help brand’s build strong prospect and customer relationships, if planned with the right goals and content, it can also move potential buyer’s through the buying funnel, a good organic social media plan can also help boost customer service processes. 

There are several ways to build out wholesome social media strategies that can boost followers and create more impact online. Thinking about your potential customers and the kind of messages or content you want to put in front of them is a starting point in building this strategy out. 

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