Hopsworks 3.0 – The Feature Store Goes Serverless

An Industry first; Hopsworks, the leading feature store goes serverless with 3.0

Hopsworks, the company that created the first Enterprise Feature Store for machine learning, released Hopsworks 3.0. This evolution brings a new offering that removes the gap between Python prototypes and production projects, resulting in the first Python-centric Feature Store for machine learning.

Data Scientists’ language of choice is Python, which is the dominant language for creating feature and training pipelines. However, there are challenges when piping enterprise data into machine learning models reliably and at scale. This risks delaying or derailing machine learning initiatives before they’re productive.By bridging the gap between the Data Science friendly Python environments and an enterprise’s data, Hopsworks dramatically enhances developer productivity by keeping the focus on building pipelines and getting machine learning models into production, and keeping them there.

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“Hopsworks continues to assert itself as the leading Enterprise Feature Store. Hopsworks 3.0 allows Python developers to build with the best libraries available for their feature and training pipelines, while also leveraging the computational power of the modern data stack. We are now providing free access to Hopsworks Serverless, enabling Data Scientists to build end-to-end ML services without the need to manage complex software deployments.” says Jim Dowling, CEO and Co-Founder of Hopsworks.

“Hopsworks 3.0 continues to up-level the Feature Store category with its mature capability-rich user experience and dramatically reduced time to production. Our customers are spending far more time focusing on business needs, taking their Enterprise AI to new places.” says Jim Duffy COO and Head of Go-to-Market.

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Benefits of Hopsworks 3.0 Serverless:

  • Rapid Start – Project environment ready in seconds
  • Python-centric experience
  • Use case tutorials
  • Automatic operation and upgrades
  • Always on environments
  • Access to Hopsworks community forum
  • Start for Free!
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