Clearbit Unlocks High-Quality Pipeline Directly from B2B Websites

New Capture capability gives marketing teams instant access to high-intent buyers that they would have otherwise missed

Clearbit, a leader in B2B marketing intelligence, is bringing teams a better way to build pipeline from their website with the launch of Capture, a new capability of the Clearbit platform announced today. Clearbit Capture enables marketing teams to drive more pipeline, more efficiently, by automating intent-based outreach for their best-fit website visitors.

Facing increasing pressure to directly impact revenue, marketing teams today can’t afford to miss out on engaging with in-market buyers who fit their ideal customer profile (or ICP). But many — if not most — potentially sales-ready prospects that visit a website remain anonymous. Without rich company and intent data, marketing teams can’t identify and engage the right contacts at the right time from the right companies, leading to wasted demand budget and missed opportunities. Today’s addition of Capture to the Clearbit platform gives marketing teams a purpose-built solution for turning best-fit, high-intent website visitors into pipeline.

“Clearbit Capture is a game changer for marketing teams who want to discover and deliver more, better leads,” says Clearbit CMO Kevin Tate. “Capture takes our precise company and intent data and uses it to tee up key buyer contacts for marketing and sales teams to engage at just the right time. It’s the most efficient and effective way to expand high-value pipeline from your website.”

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Capture extends the existing capabilities of Clearbit’s Data Activation Platform, enabling marketing teams to build automated workflows that engage the right people at the right time from the right companies, with intent-based outreach campaigns.

  • Using Clearbit Audiences, marketers can define audience segments that match their ICP based on 100+ company attributes.
  • Clearbit’s IP Intelligence, Reveal, then lets them know when companies that match those audiences are showing intent, like visiting a pricing page or reading product reviews.
  • With Capture, teams can now automatically add leads, accounts, and key contacts that match their audience criteria to Salesforce — so they know who best to engage through marketing and sales outreach, right away.

“Clearbit Capture creates new leads from previously unknown website visitors, based on our ICP, and pushes those leads instantaneously into Salesforce,” says Elkin Alzate, Senior Director of Engineering, “This allows our sales team to reach out to a company within minutes of them visiting our site.”

“I love Clearbit. It saves a ton of time for our business development representatives,” says Ana Brandt, Revenue Operations Leader at Abacum. “To be able to see which accounts are visiting our website and then get contacts that we can prioritize and engage to drive more qualified pipeline is incredibly useful. It’s like delivering opportunities on a platter.”

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