PagerDuty Introduces Customer Service Solution Enabling Agents to Solve Issues and Collaborate with Technical Teams in Real-Time

PagerDuty, Inc., a global leader in digital operations management, announced a new customer service solution, built specifically for teams responsible for ensuring great customer experiences. This is the first DigitalOps solution for customer service agents on the frontline who need to proactively and automatically initiate response processes to resolve cases faster. By collaborating directly with Dev and ITOps teams, while keeping customers informed, customer service teams can both improve productivity, and protect their company’s reputation and revenue. Importantly, PagerDuty’s platform also automates the transition of agents from on-duty to on-call which reduces the need for staffing during off-hour shifts – a material cost-saving and productivity measure in a critical, time-sensitive customer-focused function in a business.

PagerDuty’s new solution includes new packaging and pricing specifically designed for Customer Service teams, integration with Salesforce Service Cloud, and an industry-leading updated integration with Zendesk that provides agents with automated workflows, the latest information on incident priority and status, and a status dashboard in the sidebar of their Zendesk interface, so they don’t need to switch between tools.

With the world defaulting to digital experiences, customer service agents face growing pressure from customers who rely on digital services more than ever. Solving real-time, customer-impacting issues requires immediate coordination across inextricably linked teams, like customer service, development, operations, IT, and security. However, these teams are often siloed, distributed, and distinctly different in their operating models and even cultures, often working in reactive mode, further hampered by disparate systems and methodologies.

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Unlike traditional customer service workflows, PagerDuty for Customer Service automatically provides an immediate, orchestrated response by giving agents complete visibility into incident status and the ability to collaborate with technical stakeholders, while working from preferred customer service platforms such as Salesforce and Zendesk. The result is an empowered customer service team that can proactively drive the remediation of customer-facing digital issues, rather than scrambling to find the right technical resources to help.

“Customer Service teams identify 50% of customer-facing digital issues1 as a result of their interactions with customers,” explained Jonathan Rende, Senior Vice President of Products at PagerDuty. “Very similar to Dev and ITOps teams that are on the frontlines, we’re helping Customer Service agents address issues by putting them in the driver’s seat for proactively handling cases. By enabling real-time collaboration with Dev and IT teams, our new product helps them get ahead of cases and poor customer experiences that can impact the top and bottom line.”

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Parminder Sahini, Head of Global Support at SumoLogic explains the impact PagerDuty has had on Sumo’s customer service teams: “PagerDuty helps our Customer Service teams with escalation coverage and enables seamless communication between support and engineering teams. It’s fantastic to be in a position to say that we now solve customer issues faster and more efficiently.”

Building on the company’s industry-leading Salesforce integration, PagerDuty’s updated Zendesk integration and PagerDuty for Customer Service plan offers users the ability to collaborate bidirectionally with technical stakeholders. Additionally, teams can leverage machine learning to inform customers before they know about a problem, with information on what to expect next, and provide differentiated responses for impacted customers.

“We are excited to continue partnering with PagerDuty on empowering customer experience teams to get ahead of potential challenges,” said Jerome Agnola, Director of Technology Alliances at Zendesk. “With the new PagerDuty for Zendesk integration, organizations can drastically reduce the time spent on cases while also bringing engineering, IT, and support teams together as a united front to solve customer issues and deliver always-on digital experiences.”

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