Bigger and More Powerful: Watch out for the New AT&T Channel Sales Event in November

The Official Announcement of Fusion by AT&T Partner Solutions Was Made in Las Vegas at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo

Channel sales are a vital facet of organizational revenues and affiliate programs. The buzz around the channel sales events in 2018 just got stronger.

US telecom major AT&T announced an all-new, bigger channel sales event – Fusion by AT&T Partner Solutions. The event is slated to assemble solution providers from the two branded programs of AT&T – AT&T Alliance Channel and AT&T Partner Exchange. Instead of conducting two separate annual events, the company is bringing everyone under one roof to network, learn, and accelerate business.

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What is Fusion by At&T Partner Solutions?

The city of Dallas, Texas, will host the inaugural Fusion by AT&T Partner Solutions from November 5-7, 2018. The best of the technology and channel leaders will feature in the event with keynote sessions. It will also feature breakout sessions which will deep dive into programs, along with a lot of awards.

Bigger and More Powerful: Watch out for the New AT&T Channel Sales Event in November
Zee Hussain

Zee Hussain, Channel Chief, AT&T Partner Solutions, says, “Fusion by AT&T Partner Solutions will be our best channel sales event ever. We brought our indirect sales channels under one roof to leverage best-in-class resources from each of the teams. In November, Fusion attendees will see the power of our combined organization on display. Through our indirect sales channels, solution providers have a choice in how they transform their businesses and grow with AT&T.”

The official announcement of Fusion by AT&T Partner Solutions was made in Las Vegas at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo. Program enhancements and additional tools are being incorporated which makes sales through the AT&T partners more exciting than before.

AT&T Alliance Channel

2017 saw major enhancements being announced to make it simpler to conduct business within the AT&T Alliance Channel framework. Those announcements are now seeing the light of the day. Solution providers, for the first time, have access to tools which were so far only available to the direct sellers of AT&T.

The enhancements include:

  • Specialized pricing and custom contracts to create contracts at a brisk pace
  • Hands-off delivery and ordering support for streamlined customer acquisition

The idea behind these offerings is to relieve solution providers from administrative workloads so that they can channelize their time and effort on selling.

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AT&T Partner Exchange

An IoT platform for AT&T Partner Exchange was announced two years ago. By the end of 2017, AT&T secured a 250% rise in IoT connections from its solution providers. AT&T is now offering a brand-new tool – the IoT Playbook, for solution providers who want to sell IoT solutions but are unsure about how to begin. The playbook has resources, tools, and use cases to enable the solution providers in selling IoT solutions. The IoT Playbook is available on AT&T’s website.

Driving Home the Advantage

AT&T affirms that connectivity is at the helm of all the end-to-end solutions it offers. That’s the reason the company is advancing its fiber network. Across the US, there are more than eight million locations of business customers which are situated either within 1000 feet or on the AT&T fiber network.

The primary objective of AT&T Partner Exchange and AT&T Alliance Channel is to help solution providers benefit from the AT&T fiber markets using marketing support, sales tools, and customized offers. All of it put together is great news for solution providers as they now get a better shot at growing their revenues by selling the services of AT&T.

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