Insightly Launches New Service Software to Help Businesses Exceed Customer Expectations

New Survey Shows only 6% of Consumers Feel Businesses Exceed Expectations – while 35% of Businesses Think They Do

Insightly, the leader in customer relationship management (CRM) innovation, is announcing the availability of Insightly Service, the newest addition to the unified suite of customer relationship management applications. Built on Insightly’s platform, Insightly Service is a customer service and support ticketing product designed to work seamlessly across the business applications that companies are already using. With Insightly Service, critical data is shared across departments and in real-time, so that all customer-facing teams are aligned and empowered to have more relevant conversations that drive customer satisfaction and success.

“The past 18 months have highlighted the importance of delivering superior customer service and that starts with gaining a clear and real-time picture of the complete customer journey, including staying ahead of potential concerns,” said Anthony Smith, CEO of Insightly. “Businesses have the opportunity to differentiate themselves by ensuring they have insights that help them demonstrate knowledge and empathy in every single customer interaction. Our focus is on bringing together all of these touchpoints – from customer service to marketing, CRM and project management so that teams have a unified view of the customer experience to proactively guide customer success, and strengthen long-term relationships.”

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In a new study, commissioned by Insightly and conducted by Zogby Analytics, 86 percent of businesses believe they meet or exceed customer expectations – while only six percent of consumers feel a company’s customer support team exceeds their expectations. The Insightly survey, which polled 300 business decision makers and 1,000 consumers, showcases the disparity between how well businesses think they’re doing with customers, and how customers actually feel about their experiences with companies. Customers surveyed are most frustrated when they feel they are being ignored by a business – and nearly one in three say they switch providers if they are unhappy. On the flipside, nearly all business decision makers polled believe they’re aware of their customers’ level of happiness with them – including 73 percent who report being very aware.

Insightly Service software helps businesses resolve customer issues by delivering valuable customer insights across departments. Building on Insightly’s existing CRM and Marketing products, Insightly Service doesn’t require complicated integrations to maximize the power of the unified approach. Backed by artificial Intelligence algorithms, Insightly Service analyzes every customer interaction in real-time (including issues, comments, posts, reviews, votes and feedback) to generate a unique customer satisfaction score for every customer. As a result, Insightly Service users know when they’re exceeding expectations (and when they’re not) – and can proactively focus on ways to improve satisfaction and customer relationships.

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The Insightly study shows 44 percent of businesses surveyed said they’d rather enter data in a spreadsheet than deal with a call from an angry customer, while three in 10 said they would do almost anything other than take an angry call. Meanwhile, one-third of consumers would prefer to wait in line at the DMV than resolve an issue with a business, while 27 percent would rather do a tell-all for their family and the world to see than try to resolve an issue with a company. By driving speed and alignment of customer interactions, Insightly Service is improving customer experiences to ultimately, improve business growth.

“Customer satisfaction and happiness is of the utmost importance to us – and while managing issues is stressful for customers, it also puts a strain on internal teams, so being able to keep a pulse on their journey is critical,” said Amy Anderson, co-founder of Wild Coffee Marketing, provider of results-driven marketing for growing businesses. “Insightly has become the backbone of our clients’ customer programs because of its ability to bring together different customer touchpoints into one platform, while also ensuring our departments are viewing the same information. The integration of Insightly Service is another layer of improved insights that will help our clients deliver a better experience for their customers.”

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