Mobile CRM: Definitions and Industry Trends

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A Mobile CRM is defined as a version of your CRM solution which can be accessed from a mobile device, smartphone, and tablet. Using CRM, you can access updated information about your customers and potential customers in real-time. All thanks to a mobile CRM app that helps your Sales-force work smarter and faster. With a mobile CRM application, you can update, synchronize and share information with all the departments in the company. With mobile CRM, you can access your business data on the go.

In simple words, a mobile CRM application offers your mobile teams, your sales-force, and your mobile users the best knowledge of customers on their mobile devices. With new innovations in technology, 2020 will be an exciting year for CRM as we will be moving from standard to more complex features and functionalities.

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Marketing Automation

One of the biggest benefits of Artificial Intelligence is its capacity to perform time-consuming manual tasks in lesser time. Businesses can use automation to enhance productivity and save time. Companies can use AI tools to manage their relationships with customers more effectively. Additionally, AI can create ‘’personalized agents” that will be able to know the primary needs of sellers for automated assistance.

Adding Voice to Your Contact Centers

Artificial Intelligence also empowers businesses with conversational features such as Chatbots and Voice Assistants. In the coming days, it will be possible for chatbots to utilize Natural Language Processing, Deep Neural Networks, and Conversational capabilities to entertain consumer inquiries, while automatically providing a satisfactory response. AI will also be able to perform actions like Voice recordings, meetings, transcripts creation and identifying words that have a specific meaning.

Social Selling 

Social channels allow companies or individuals to connect with the people in real-time and build brand identity where prospects and customers are already spending time. From lead generation and customer acquisition to customer retention and advocacy, the social platform is among the highest channels to generate ROI across the customer journey, giving personal attention to the customers.

Mobile CRM Is Here to Stay

Organizations are now extending CRM systems beyond the confines of the office. Giving the power of CRM into the palm of your employee’s hand that will help you propel your brand further down the road to success.

Invest in a Mobile CRM 

An investment in a mobile-capable CRM platform can be beneficial for the people throughout an organization – far beyond the old functionalities of CRM. As mobile reach and usage continue to boom, finding customers on different social platforms is now easier than ever. It is a fact that CRM trends are like unpredicted ocean breezes — the companies that know which way the wind is blowing can better position themselves to sail toward success.

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