Acxiom Announces Three New Products Designed to Help Marketers Deliver Better Customer Experiences

Acxiom®, the data and technology foundation for the world’s best marketers, announced three new data offerings available in the U.S. market – Personicx Prime, a first-of-its-kind dual-segmentation system that provides individual consumer insights nested in household composition, and Geospatial Audience Insights and Acxiom Market Signals, two innovative location-based services.

“In today’s highly connected world, consumers not only expect, but demand, an exceptional experience at every touch point”

“In today’s highly connected world, consumers not only expect, but demand, an exceptional experience at every touch point,” said Karen Caulfield, SVP, Global Data Products at Acxiom. “Personicx Prime, Geospatial Audience Insights, and Acxiom Market Signals were designed with end-consumers in mind, giving marketers the tools to better connect and interact with their customers in meaningful and relevant ways, while being as efficient as possible with marketing spend. These three new product offerings, which meet Acxiom’s high standards for ethical data collection and use, mark the continued expansion of our data portfolio to meet the evolving needs of marketers.”

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Personicx Prime is a syndicated segmentation system to help marketers navigate the complexities of modern consumers’ lives and create campaigns that are truly targeted, personalized and powerful. With innovative dual-cluster assignment capabilities at both the individual and household level, Personicx Prime gives marketers insights to engage diverse consumer personas within a single household in relevant ways. For example, a single household may include an active senior, a busy professional, and an aspiring MBA student. Personicx Prime eliminates ‘one size fits all’ marketing and the disjointed customer experiences that result from treating everyone in a zip code – or even in the same household – the same way. In a competitive benchmark study conducted by an independent third-party validator, Personicx Prime emerged as the clear leader in system correlation, predictive power and classification accuracy.

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Geospatial Audience Insights and Acxiom Market Signals harness location-based technology – combined with Acxiom’s industry-leading data accuracy and coverage and commitment to ethical data practices – to help marketers build unique audience segments. Geospatial Audience Insights unlocks deeper insights about customers likely to visit a store in a locally defined area, and Acxiom Market Signals empowers brands to reach and engage high-value customers and prospects based on in-market indicators.

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