Uptick: Understand The Impact Of The Pandemic On Your Subscription Customers

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COVID-19’s impact on your subscription customers can be hard to assess. Uptick seeks to change that with their newly released free product

Software firm Uptick has released a new customer success management product. Uptick Customer Communications Analyzer has been designed to help businesses identify how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting their subscription business. Uptick Customer Communications Analyzer scans emails and meeting invites from prospective customers and existing clients – it then alerts you to business risks as it categorizes communications into instantly searchable business topics. This makes it easy to see factors in customer communications that can identify risks with customer renewals, expansions and new business.

Natural Language Processing

Uptick Customer Communications Analyzer is built upon a rich library of B2B subscription business terminology to tag emails and meeting invites as being related to certain business topics, as well as business topics related to the current business uncertainty brought about by COVID-19.

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These topics may include things like delayed decisions, delayed payments, deferred meetings, reduced subscriptions, and membership cancellations – all due to the ongoing pandemic. In addition, general business topics include renewals, upgrades, health checks, negative sentiment, positive sentiment, pricing, contracting, legal matters and more.

Aside from data that pertains solely to the customer, Uptick Customer Communications Analyzer also provides a dashboard that displays anonymized trend information, based on data gathered from other Uptick subscribers. This allows users to identify subscription business trends that apply not only to their company, but to the industry at large.

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Uptick Customer Communications Analyzer comes at a key time, when business stakeholders have to make quick decisions based on actionable and accurate data, or risk losing business when customers are cutting non-essential costs. Without Uptick these stakeholders will not have access to all customer facing communications, potentially overlooking a major source of information.

Uptick Customer Communications Analyzer can be rapidly deployed by any business and starts providing real-time insights immediately. It’s free, and actionable results can be obtained quickly.

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