Yieldify And Infinity Announce Global Partnership

The New Partnership Brings Customer Journey Optimization And Call Center Intelligence Together To Support E-Commerce Businesses

Yieldify, the customer journey optimization (CJO) company, announced a global partnership with Infinity, the leading call intelligence platform. The partnership will see the two companies working hand-in-hand to support businesses connecting the online and offline customer journeys.

Through Yieldify’s offices in New York, London and Sydney, and Infinity’s locations in New York, San Francisco, Baltimore and the UK, the partnership will benefit both customer bases worldwide, totalling over 1,250 companies. The two companies will support one another in growth and retention efforts, complementing each other’s products and services for customers across the retail, travel and financial services sectors.

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Jay Radia

“We’re excited to bring Infinity into our partnership programme, which is experiencing fantastic growth this year. They have an incredible roster of clients across the globe and we can’t wait to start introducing Yieldify to them,” said Jay Radia, CEO and co-founder of Yieldify.

For Infinity customers, Yieldify’s customer journey optimization product and services drive high-value calls through to call centres by engaging e-commerce customers at the moment of the purchase cycle when phone support can make a pivotal difference to conversion rates.

Also Read: Yieldify Appoints Carlos Silva As VP Product And Services

This comes as the Yieldify Conversion Platform introduces a new ‘click to call’ functionality, allowing retailers to run mobile campaigns that help customers place a call directly to a call centre with a single click, creating a seamless experience. To date, these campaigns have seen conversion rates increase by up to 40 percent. Infinity’s call tracking platform will complement CJO efforts, enriching customer journey data and helping lower the operational costs associated with independent call centre provision.

Paul Walsh, Chief Executive Officer of Infinity, added: “Every strong partnership Infinity makes with other high-quality technology companies represents a huge opportunity for our clients. Working alongside Yieldify is a truly exciting development, and we look forward to exploring all the ways their customer journey optimization solutions can work alongside call intelligence to bring exceptional benefits to both of our clients.”

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