Fanwire’s Creator Tools Prove a Game Changer for Fan Revenue

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As a businesswoman on the front lines of the creator economy, Megan Stokes has advised her share of overwhelmed creators. Even for the highly successful, Stokes watched as the daily demands of admin, marketing, accounting and marketing drained the energy needed for their creative work. Stokes was quick to identify the issues, and after a chance meeting with a team of high-level developers, she saw the solution.

Fanwire, a suite of tools for creators developed by Stokes, launched this week, offering a way for creators to maximize their time and increase their earnings on fan platforms. After nearly a year of development and testing, the clever and intuitive tools provide demonstrable results, boosting sales and revenue by as much as 55%.

With the creator economy surging, Fanwire’s new tools help boost revenue and engagement for creators.

“The biggest issue most creators face is time,” said Stokes. “Building a successful fan business is a 24/7 operation. You not only have to produce the content, you have to create and edit it, you have to monitor DMs, track sales, organize files and paperwork, promote on social media and always, always be finding new fans.”

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For creators who bring in tens of thousands of dollars a month, that often means hiring a support team to help manage admin and marketing tasks. But many creators don’t have the resources to bring in additional people, or are unwilling to give up a percentage of their income.

For those creators, Fanwire offers a compelling solution: smart technology that can help even small creators manage content, track sales, and authentically connect with fans.

“Fanwire levels the playing field for creators,” says Stokes. “Whether or not you have a team, it offers a chance to boost your income, and really level up, no matter where you are in the game. We indexed the price to the size of a creator’s following, so that it’s not prohibitive to small creators — something that was really important to me. I wanted to build something where creators could see immediate and tangible benefit.”

“Fanwire solves so many of the issues creators face,” says Stokes. “As excited as I am to get this out there, I’m even more excited to see what creators do with the extra time and energy. This is the next phase of the creator revolution.”

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