Capturing the Omnichannel Opportunity: dotmailer Extends Platform to Help Brands Be Smarter Than Ever

Extended Platform Aims to Help Time-Poor Digital Marketers Build More Effective Strategies in Today’s Multi-Channel World

dotmailer, a leading provider in the digital marketing sector, has announced the launch of new omnichannel features which enhance its existing marketing automation platform. With a host of new channels now available – including SMS and Facebook Messenger, automated retargeting across Google AdWords and Facebook Audiences, and in-email product recommendations – this development will empower brands to engage more effectively with their customers.

Answering the increasing demands being placed on marketers, the new capabilities will help brands build conversations with customers that run seamlessly across multiple channels – from SMS to email, social audience ads to instant messaging platforms.

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Built by marketers, for marketers

A recent study found that over half of marketers (54%) felt that a lack of time was their biggest day-to-day challenge – unsurprising when you consider that customers now expect to engage instantly with brands, no matter the time or device. Clearly, businesses must evolve and adopt an ‘always-on’ approach that can maintain marketing effectiveness 24/7, and across an array of channels.

dotmailer’s marketing automation platform will help deliver against this challenge, bringing advanced automation and powerful data analytics tools together in a package that is simple to use and easy to master.

Real results, instant impact

The impact for businesses will be staggering – an ARF research report has revealed that by increasing their marketing channels from one to two, brands can see a 19% uplift in ROI. And by expanding to five channels, organizations could raise ROI by more than a third (35 percent).

However, the omnichannel approach offers more than an increase in revenue. The same study found that moving from a single channel to an omnichannel approach could lift existing customer retention averages from 33% to 89%.

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Same values, new tools

Many of the new features are delivered by supercharging the popular EasyEditor and Program Builder functions already inside dotmailer.

  • Facebook Messenger, SMS automation:
    The Program Builder function will now be capable of orchestrating SMS and Facebook Messenger outreach campaigns, creating a truly omnichannel approach. From welcome messages to re-engagement campaigns, brands can build a complete set of automated programmes that engage customers on whatever channel they prefer.
  • Re-targeting towards Facebook Audiences and Google AdWords:
    Brands can now sync the updating and maintenance of contact lists, providing a sophisticated approach to which segments are targeted and when. Organizations can ensure their customers receive content in the most effective way – automatically re-targeting email non-responders via channels such as Facebook Audiences and Google AdWords.
  • Product recommendations sent directly to customers:
    Today’s organizations have more data than ever before, but it’s useless unless you’re able to take insight from it. Partnering with Google, dotmailer users can now leverage the latest big data technologies to analyze and segment over 100 million customer records in less than a minute, allowing businesses to deliver product recommendations direct to a customer’s inbox.
  • Instant automation:
    To provide marketers with the best automation tools available, dotmailer is releasing 30 automation templates to all users – entirely free of charge. From welcome emails to aftersales care, brands can now kickstart their customer journeys by using a pre-built template.
  • Improved data-consent:
    In a GDPR world, having an opt-in checkbox with, ‘Yes, I’d love to receive future emails’ is simply not enough. ConsentInsight lets brands store the exact consent text a contact agreed to, creating an evidence trail to satisfy the new legislation’s requirements. Freely available to all dotmailer users, it will store details of the consent text seen by the subscriber, along with their IP address, browser, and the date and time they consented.

Additionally, dotmailer’s Consent Maintenance is a new professional service, delivered by the dotmailer experts, that will help customers manage their subscriber’s permissions to support their own GDPR compliance programs.

Capturing the Omnichannel Opportunity: dotmailer Extends Platform to Help Brands Be Smarter Than Ever
Milan Patel

Milan Patel, CEO at dotmailer comments: “dotmailer has been building and extending its platform for almost 20 years now and our driving principles remain the same: to offer a powerful platform that empowers marketers and keeps things simple. At its heart, the omnichannel platform is about helping businesses grow through modern and effective marketing techniques which engage customers. And with customers using multiple different channels each day, your business must be there too.”

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