DataGrail Becomes the Latest Member of Marketo’s Innovative Partner Program

DataGrail’s Data Transparency Platform Integrates with Marketo’s Customer Engagement Initiatives. The Partnership Ensures Data Privacy for Marketo’s Customers

Today’s consumers have become extremely skeptical about how their information is processed by brands. The recent allegations on Information Technology behemoths about user data breach have added more fuel to the fire. This is becoming a problem for brands globally because today’s businesses depend on data to derive meaningful business insights.

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Hence, it is the need of the hour for brands to assure consumers that their data is in safe hands. DataGrail’s partnership with Marketo is all about transparency in customer data. The partnership provides a win-win situation for both the companies. Marketo LaunchPoint is becoming the go-to online space for businesses to search for customized solutions through the company’s partners. DataGrail’s addition to the LaunchPoint platform assures clients that they can now do both — leverage the Marketo platform and keep their data safe. Marketo’s customers will get one-click data transparency as well as preference control — thanks to DataGrail’s technology.

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Furthermore, DataGrail also integrates with Marketo’s third-party vendors and extracts data in a simplified portal. Another significant DataGrail capability is the provision of compliance solutions to handle emerging problems such as:

  1. The EU GDPR
  2. ePrivacy
  3. The California Privacy Act

DataGrail has made sure that their easy-to-use platform does not require users to possess coding knowledge.

Discussing what this means for the company, DataGrail CEO and Co-Founder, Daniel Barber, said, “We’re delighted to partner with Marketo and offer their customers a platform to seamlessly manage email preferences and adhere to privacy regulations, including the GDPR and CCPA.”

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Shai Alfandary, Global Vice President of Business Development and Head of LaunchPoint at Marketo, said, “Customer data privacy and compliance are most important and top-of-mind for every marketer. We are excited to be partnering with DataGrail to give Marketo customers even more transparency and control over their data to navigate today’s complex and fast-changing governing standards.”

Justin Olsson, Associate General Counsel, Product and Privacy, Databricks, said, “Customer privacy is of utmost importance for us at Databricks. We partnered with DataGrail to provide our customers with trust and transparency in how we manage their data.”

Databricks, which is Marketo’s client, uses DataGrail’s platform for data transparency.

Evidently, Marketo can now confidently push for trust among its customers because they are backed by DataGrail, which provides easy access to users to understand what data a brand has about them and where it is being used.

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