Five Automation Tools to Make B2B Marketing Easy

Drilling Deeper Into Understanding User Personalization and Behavior

The biggest challenge to adopting any marketing automation tool is to first prepare a clear strategy on how automation could deliver business results. Marketing automation tools, by definition, assist marketers to in automating mundane tasks and measuring and optimizing the automated marketing efforts.

Marketers aim to create a performance-driven marketing campaign, and marketing automation tools help achieve and repeat performances that deliver success in a shorter span of time. The primary objective of any marketing automation tool – save time and effort required to do repetitive tasks, for example, email campaigns, social media posting, and at an advanced level, capture lead-gen identifiers based on certain marketing fields.

To begin with, marketers must identify a precise technology stack before settling onto a particular automation tool.

Automation tools are organized to cater to certain marketing efforts.

Here are five most-productive marketing tools that you can leverage to enhance your reach:

A popular marketing automation software maker, HubSpot helps companies improve and proactively transform their outbound marketing strategies with email, cold calls, TV and trade show through inbound lead-generation. HubSpot assists a large number of companies via its marketing platform to organically ‘be-found’ by potential customers.

When it comes to automated digital marketing, HubSpot is one of the pioneers. Marketing automation is more than only sending emails to prospects, which is exactly what HubSpot understands. It simplifies tasks by understanding content marketing specifically and then monitoring the tasks systematically. The marketing automation techniques they use are not limited to only email but are built around a client’s marketing goals, nurturing leads to generate specific content and then uplifting business growth.

It allows businesses to personalize their content by providing relevant and contextual insights based on the company’s marketing strategies and business personas.

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InfusionSoft offers a marketing automation platform for businesses. It also consists of products which help manage and optimize a customer’s relationship management, lifecycle, e-commerce, lead capture, and marketing automation efforts.

The integrated platform helps users manage their businesses by stringing along their data points related to sales, leads, payments, marketing, and customers. The platform can execute automated campaigns and track ROIs of each individual business. It provides users with real-time insights on customer sales and even tons of e-commerce facilities like managing shopping carts, discounts, and coupon codes.

Almost all of their marketing processes are automated from start to finish. InfusionSoft does not only allow B2B marketers leverage the platform for their marketing processes but also assists sales workflow automation.

Marketo focuses on web analytics, account-based marketing, and analytics. Marketo provides for customized solutions based on each sector that relates to hospitality, healthcare, technology, manufacturing, media and financial services.

Marketo has a plethora of features that help marketers connect with their target audience, drive revenue and also improve marketing accountability.

Marketo has a series of products such as Marketo Lead Management, Marketo Sales Insight, Marketo Revenue Cycle Analytics and Marketo Social Marketing.

One of Marketo’s integral features is its drip marketing abilities which makes it easier for new marketers to commence with their campaigns and then slowly progress to a much more sophisticated dashboard.

The benefit of having such features with Marketo is that the aim is not only focused on technical aspects of the campaign, but it also focuses on the strategically-based content framework of the marketer’s business. Marketo helps each user gradually trace their line of progress by supporting them with the right tools and platform. This assists users by scaling their campaigns to new heights, focusing on a result-driven approach and finally generating higher revenue.

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Pardot, a B2B marketing automation platform by Salesforce, allows you to reach the potential leads via social, paid marketing or email campaigns. Pardot provides the added benefit of syncing with a user’s current clients in Salesforce too, thus enhancing the communication scale.

Pardot also offers extensive mobile CRM-focused features, including mobile responsive email templates, engagement studio for custom drip campaigns, reporting for email analytics and score changing abilities within Salesforce. You can also send notifications to users when certain email links are clicked on, or if an email form is sent across. Other features include social posting, CRM integration, lead grading, nurturing and scaling, ROI reports to systematically allow the marketing and sales teams to function in harmony which generates quality leads and passes them down to the sales funnel. This tool aims to shorten the sales workflow and also delivers marketing accountability.

Marketing Optimizer:
Marketing Optimizer is a tool which helps businesses optimize their marketing campaigns by constantly improvising on the campaign experience with a variety of tools. It assists businesses by generating, nurturing and managing leads that are then used to increase conversion rates. Marketing Optimizer is the all-in-one marketing automation platform which consists of a host of features. Some of the features include queuing up personalized emails which go to prospects at the right time, follow-up emails and tracking at every intersection, saving time by managing lists and routinely distributing leads. Marketing Optimizer simplifies the sales process by conveniently automating repetitive tasks and encouraging the user to include more of result-driven tasks that end in higher ROI and extended functionality.

Good marketing tactics set you apart from the rest of your competitors, nurtures prospects and delivers promised results to your customers. Marketing automation tools are known to be highly efficient when implemented in the right space and time. It significantly reduces the time and efforts put in by a team, streamlines processes and increase’s a company’s success.

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