RainFocus Selects OpFocus to Build Strategic Sales and Marketing System using Salesforce and the Demand Unit Waterfall®

Ensures Sales/Marketing Alignment, Achieves Record-Breaking 135 Percent CARR Growth and 140 Percent Net Customer Retention

OpFocus, a leading Salesforce implementation consultancy for SaaS companies, today announced that RainFocus engaged it to build a new sales and marketing system. By implementing the SiriusDecisions Demand Unit Waterfall within Salesforce, and integrating it with Pardot and Terminus, OpFocus helped the events marketing company accelerate strategic growth. RainFocus’ sales and marketing teams are fully aligned on target accounts and processes. The company achieved 135 percent contracted annual recurring revenue (CARR) growth and 140 percent net customer retention.

“OpFocus helped us envision and deliver our dream state. We wouldn’t be where we are today without their strategic guidance and expertise,” said Brian Gates, Senior VP of Marketing and Strategy, RainFocus. “OpFocus’ development, sales, and marketing expertise were instrumental to our success. We now have a scalable revenue machine that enforces our vision as a business while providing clarity about our performance. Our Salesforce-based system has allowed us to forecast, plan, and manage our business to drive phenomenal growth.”

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As a startup, RainFocus didn’t have sales and marketing systems or processes. The information they used to drive their business was mostly in employees’ heads. They identified prospects through referrals and prior relationships. They didn’t have insights into what was coming down the pike. To help them grow, RainFocus engaged OpFocus, and realized remarkable benefits:

Achieved Record-Breaking Growth
RainFocus realized a 135 percent CARR growth. Gates reported, “We had grand assumptions that our new approach and system would yield better-than-expected sales results. But we didn’t expect such amazing results. Last year, we hit our revenue goals in June – halfway through the year.”

Fueled Customer Retention and Expansion
RainFocus’ Salesforce-based solution makes it easy to align marketing and sales, even as they add personnel. RainFocus has clarity into its entire sales and marketing funnel. They inspect their business through this lens. If the funnel isn’t performing, they pinpoint trouble spots and adjust as needed. This helped RainFocus achieve 140 percent net customer retention. Customers not only stayed with RainFocus. They expanded their relationships and bought additional products.

Successfully Pivoted to Meet Evolving Business Climate
RainFocus can be proactive in pivoting their business to where market conditions require. For instance, physical events are not an option now due to COVID-19. But thanks to the visibility Salesforce enables, and the relationships RainFocus built with customers, RainFocus was able to quickly add virtual event delivery to their products and pinpoint accounts that would be receptive to the new offering.

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Eased Sales Team Forecasting and Onboarding
RainFocus uses the data it has about current and future accounts to inform sales hiring plans. It’s now easier to bring on new sales representatives. And it takes less time to get them to full capacity.

Streamlined Communications with Board of Directors
RainFocus’ sales/marketing alignment and newfound visibility make reporting back to the board simpler. That’s because it’s much easier to understand opportunities, how marketing fared in pulling them into the funnel, and how sales did in closing them.

“We were very fortunate to work with RainFocus at such a critical stage in their business. They had the foresight to do what few emerging companies do: align sales and marketing, and develop a controlled growth plan,” said David Carnes, Founder and CEO of OpFocus. “It was extremely gratifying to help RainFocus put their strategic plan into action and enable such extraordinary results.”

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