3 Ways to Adapt Your Digital Marketing Strategy During the Coronavirus – K2 Analytics Reveals

The recent and sudden transition into the coronavirus world of business has left some brands struggling, but K2 Analytics reveals the ways companies can successfully adapt their digital strategies

K2 Analytics INC, a leading digital advertising agency in Las Vegas, identified three key steps businesses can take to adapt to the current social and economic situation brought on by the coronavirus.

As many businesses have had to put an indefinite hold on in-person operations, the digital market place has quickly become the main source of revenue for companies across the globe.

The three ways businesses can adapt their digital marketing strategies are:

1. Take This Opportunity to Share a Genuine and Empathetic Message

  • In light of recent events, a warm message from brands that emphasizes solidarity and shows support is welcomed by audiences even more than usual.
  • Brands can use the opportunity to let customers know that everyone is in this together and that the company genuinely cares about them. Messages like Nike’s “Now more than ever, we are one team. #playinside #playfortheworld” Tweet are excellent examples of this empathetic messaging.

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2. Get Creative with How You Use Media

  • An example of creative adaptation is how the electronic dance music scene adopted with digital media platforms to remain at the forefront of their audience’s attention. What could have been a massive hit to the industry, which is typically reliant on events, was turned into a leading source of entertainment for all those affected by Stay at Home orders.
  • DJs and Event Companies began using streaming platforms like Youtube, Twitch and Facebook Live to live-stream entire music festivals. They are, therefore, able to generate some revenue from merchandise and monetized content from social media platforms.

3. Offer Free Online Resources and Online Education

  • The mass migration to working from home, taking online classes and finding entertainment on streaming platforms have all been possible all thanks to the accessibility of internet.
  • Brands can benefit from offering elements of their business as a free online resource where users can access services and information.
  • Institutions like Harvard offered free online courses to help individuals boost their resume and others offered free information or resources on their blogs. K2 Analytics put together a free guide to help people begin a supplementary blogging career, which can be done from home.

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“More than ever, marketing teams must find creative ways to help clients reach their customers online with compelling and effective marketing solutions,” said Benjamin Thomas, Content Manager.

While there is no end date in sight for the coronavirus pandemic, there are quite a few things businesses can do to adapt, particularly from a marketing perspective.

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