Bidtellect Leaders Report on Evolving Role of Transparency, SSPs in Adexchanger Thought Leadership Piece

The future does not fit the past: Jason Boshoff and Craig Aron bring insight to SSPs’ changing role in the adtech industry.

Leaders at Bidtellect, a leading demand-side platform and advertising technology company, last week published an exclusive opinion piece on Adexchanger, the award-winning publication covering digital media and programmatic advertising. The piece analyzes the evolving role of supply-side platforms in the advertising technology industry.

The thought leadership piece is co-authored by Bidtellect Chief Operating Officer Jason Boshoff and Executive Vice President of Strategy and Business Development Craig Aron. Their combined breadth and length of experience in the industry give them a unique perspective on the shifts in platform and technology dynamics.

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SSPs were among the first in the ad tech ecosystem to build profitable businesses, but recent industry changes, like the movement towards full cost transparency, media sustainability, new one-stop ad management platform creations, and more, render their role uncertain. Still, argue Boshoff and Aron, getting ahead of these changes and collaborating with other industry players will be the key to longevity.

Chief among the industry changes is the movement toward sustainability and transparency. Advertisers are looking for visibility into the advertising supply chain to reduce waste. Scope3 is the only company to report true supply chain emissions data and recently integrated with Bidtellect’s demand-side platform, meaning advertisers can gain true transparency into the carbon cost of their advertising campaigns and take immediate action to reduce their emissions.

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“The future does not fit the past,” wrote Boshoff and Aron. “To be future-proof, the traditional SSP has to evolve from its primary function of demand aggregator and focus on collaborating closely with other players in the space.”

For SSPs to thrive in the changing ecosystem, collaborating more closely with demand-side platforms and adopting technology that answers the new needs of advertisers and publishers, such as sustainability, will be the key to their success.

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