Digital Marketing Leader, Kliken, Launches First-Of-Its-Kind Ad Network With Lifestyle Targeting


Kliken partners with top e-commerce companies to give small business owners the ability to reach beyond walled-garden ad networks, significantly expanding potential visibility by utilizing the the Open Web.

Kliken, the world’s #1 shopping and ads marketing platform, announces the launch of their AI-driven, purpose-built ad platform – Kliken Ads. Kliken Ads provides store owners the opportunity to advertise on the Open Web, giving them reach beyond the walled gardens of Google and Facebook and enabling greater visibility at a lower cost. The Kliken team has spent the last decade becoming experts in the digital and programmatic advertising space and has heard from their partners and customers how cumbersome and frustrating the process can be.

“All of our customers have one need in common, growing their sales in a cost effective way. At Kliken we paid close attention to their feedback and have developed Kliken Ads to address their needs and wants. In less than 10 minutes, customers can build their campaigns from the ground up and see their ads go live within 24 hours. That’s faster than anyone else in this space.” said Kliken CEO, Ricardo Lasa.

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Kliken Ads utilizes the Open Web to clear a path for small business owners to leverage the same technology as agencies and companies with seven-figure budgets. Kliken Ads was built with the goal of giving customers greater visibility, lower cost of entry, and a higher return on advertising spend than they can receive from any other partner.

Kliken Ads has also developed a proprietary audience targeting methodology, Lifestyle Targeting, that gives customers the ability to target, not solely based upon what consumers buy or “like”, but rather in a more intuitive fashion based on what they love and how they live.

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“Lifestyle Targeting is a game changer.” says Lasa “We put our customers’ stores in front of consumers that are already fans of their products. Kliken Ads, effectively, matches a store with their ideal customer’s lifestyle which is built using over 1,500 laser-targeted groups including arts & entertainment, automotive, business, health and fitness, hobbies, home & garden, pets, sports, technology, shopping, and many more. Yoga enthusiasts? Tennis players? Adrenaline Junkies? We’ve got them all.”

Kliken has cultivated relationships with the world’s largest e-commerce hosting platforms to bring the Kliken Ads network to millions of store owners around the world. Kliken Ads are currently available for Lightspeed Ecommerce, WooCommerce, and WiX with many other platform partners launching in late 2022.

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