GlassView Bolsters its Performance Focus With the Launch of Ecko, its New Customer Lifetime Value Product

GlassView, the leading independent video advertising distribution platform, announced the launch of its proprietary Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) optimization tool called Ecko™.

The GlassView approach for measuring and optimizing towards LTV combines a suite of proprietary optimization levers that deploy unique targeting techniques by harnessing various data segments.

Internal data such as revenue, purchase size, and click velocity change is combined with brand CRM data to identify high-value, high-intent customers and their activities. Dynamic inventory placement is then used to align each creative with the highest-performing customers and pages.

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These high-performing segments are then assigned intent scores based on previous conversion values, number of purchases, time spent on site, and other engagement metrics. The intent scores then model lookalike audiences, or those likely to make repeat purchases or invest in new product lines.

“We’ve seen an industry-wide shift towards ROAS as a success metric on campaigns, especially with COVID impacting ad budgets,” said Founder & CEO, J. Brooks. “Ecko™ will allow us to harness video performance to the fullest extent for our clients and show the incremental value GlassView provides to brands long-term.”

A recent use case was for a finance client who hoped to acquire new customers and maximize account deposits with a strong focus on LTV.

Using a combination of internal first-party data and client data, GlassView focused its efforts on its page-level optimization strategy to identify the pages garnering a higher-than-average ROAS amongst investors with $100K+ in investable assets.

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GlassView then built lookalike audiences through identified conversion pathways, creating incremental opportunities on a host of different zones and pages.

Through this strategy, the finance client was able to reach not only the core audience for a one-time transaction, but also those who had engaged in high-frequency funding, and those that had a higher likelihood to sign-up for add-on services.

Measuring LTV helps brands significantly cut acquisition costs long-term by mapping out their most efficient advertising/marketing channels, their most high-value audience segments, and their most profitable product lines.

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