OpenX and Permutive Partner to Enable Marketers to Target Global Audiences Accurately and at Scale Without Third-Party Cookies

The partnership creates a global infrastructure to supply streamlined access to first-party data for programmatic advertising

OpenX Technologies, Inc., a leading global omnichannel advertising exchange, and Permutive, a privacy-safe audience platform for publishers and advertisers, unveiled a partnership that will enable buyers and sellers of online advertising to build and activate global audiences without using third-party cookies or device IDs while preserving the safety and security of user data.

The OpenX/Permutive partnership strengthens the connection between publishers and marketers by efficiently delivering addressable and scalable advertising inventory to buyers while allowing publishers to maintain control of and monetize their first-party data. The collaboration offers marketers in the U.S. and internationally a single, privacy-safe point of access to identify and reach audiences with precision and transparency at scale. Activation is easily enabled through OpenX Deal IDs, and audience targeting relies on privacy-protected, first-party publisher data.

The OpenX Exchange processes more than 300 billion ad requests a day across a network of more than 130,000 domains. Via publisher-owned, consented data, Permutive’s Audience Platform delivered over 560 billion targetable impressions in 2021.

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The announcement comes at an inflection point for the industry as consumers are increasingly opting out of sharing their information with advertisers. With nearly 70 percent of today’s open web unaddressable, this partnership satisfies the growing market demand for actionable first-party data that follows consistent and transparent build criteria, thereby simplifying activation and providing streamlined access to readily available and fully addressable audience segments.

“Across the expanse of the open web, where media is highly fragmented,finding and engaging audiences in a privacy-friendly manner is both the challenge and imperative of digital marketing,” said John Gentry, chief executive officer of OpenX. “Joining forces with Permutive allows us to unlock unique value for buyers and publishers through precision targeting that is safe and secure.”

“As consumers have more choices and tools to opt-out of sharing their data for advertising, privacy-safe audience targeting without the need for third-party cookies provides much-needed addressability solutions for publishers and advertisers,” said Joe Root, co-founder and chief executive officer of Permutive. “Our partnership with OpenX is a powerful example of adtech working together to empower advertisers and publishers to harness the full potential of first-party data while creating a more transparent and responsible web.”

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The partnership offers more than 200 standardized behavioral cohorts, evaluated in real time – for example, real estate, travel, automotive, pets, and fashion and beauty – and is mapped to the industry-standard IAB Audience Taxonomy that identifies and describes segmented audiences based on similar interests, characteristics and behaviors.

Another advantage of the partnership is the accessibility of more sustainable advertising. OpenX is the only supply-side platform to be independently certified as a CarbonNeutral® company, and the use of its ad exchange offers marketers the opportunity to reduce the carbon footprint of their campaigns.

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