Outbrain Strategically Moves to Expand Ad Inventory, Begins Roll Out of New Native Header Bidding Solution

Outbrain begins roll out of Native Header Bidding solution with media partners creating more advertising opportunities by bidding on any media partner ad placement

Outbrain Inc, a leading recommendation platform for the open web, today announced the global roll out for a new Native Advertising Header Bidding solution designed to help media partners boost their monetisation strategy by enabling Outbrain to serve ads on any ad placement.

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Native Header Bidding allows the Outbrain advertising engine to programmatically bid into display and video ad units to serve Outbrain Native Ads. This strategic move is designed to help Outbrain media partners maximize revenue from traditional ad units while creating more opportunities for Outbrain advertisers to show their ads and engage customers with Outbrain Native Ads.

“We are committed to innovate and help media partners in the open web fund content creation. With Native Header Bidding our goal is to help our partners maximize revenues while delivering a better advertising experience to consumers through Outbrain Native Ads.” said Eytan Galai, Chief Revenue Officer of Outbrain. “Native Header Bidding unlocks new revenue potential by creating more advertising opportunities for Outbrain while increasing yield on traditional display and video ad placements.”

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Outbrain enters the Header Bidding space by leveraging its deep integration with media partners which provides unique visibility into contextual performance and behavioral interest signals, enabling bidding efficiency. The result is a more personalized and relevant ad experience for the consumer and maximum performance for marketers.

“Up until now, Outbrain ads were only shown in our recommendation feed but with Native Header Bidding, we now show ads also on display and video ad placements.” said Ayal Steiner, Outbrain VP of Advertising. “The expected result is that users will experience more relevant ads served through native ad experiences that are much more user friendly, and Outbrain advertisers will benefit from more ad inventory which creates new opportunities to engage potential customers on the open web.”

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